Holiday Hotel (Simona Island Book 1) by Poppy Minnix – My Review

Title: Holiday Hotel (Simona Island Book 1)

Author: Poppy Minnix

Release Date: November 23rd 2021

Genre: Holiday Romance

Sometimes, it takes a corset and an island getaway to bounce back from a disastrous breakup.

In the winter chill of New York City, Cozette Fay attempts to turn up the heat with a fun and sexy Ms. Claus roleplay. Unfortunately, her aloof boyfriend is more confused than aroused.

She says fa-la-la to her fizzled relationship and escapes to the tropics for Christmas where she meets Nico, a van-driving beach-hunk who secretly owns the hotel on private Simona Island. He upgrades her room, takes her on adventures, and can’t seem to keep his eyes or his hands off of her despite claiming there’s a non-fraternization policy.

It shouldn’t matter that Nico won’t share anything about himself outside of their tropical snow globe—she’s there to reunite with herself, after all—but the closer they get, the more it seems he may be the Santa to her Mrs. Claus all year round.

Readers who enjoy Christmas with You from Tracy Alverez or The One Night Stand Before Christmas from Jana Aston would enjoy Holiday Hotel.

If you’re looking for a feel good read, this book is it!

Imagine escaping to a beautiful island to regroup after the disaster back at home. Then you’re greeted at the airport by a very handsome man. This could be good…or bad.

I loved the chemistry between Cozette and Nico. Nico is charming but guarded at times. Made me want to know more about him. Cozette is a relatable character. She’s funny and also smart. I love that she’s successful! I was easily transported to Simona Island. I could visualize it’s beauty and also the many people who worked there. There were many moments I laughed so hard and others that had me tearing up. A lot of smiling also happened. Once I finished, I knew I was heading to book hangoverville but I couldn’t help but sit and smile. Reflecting on the incredible story that I just finished. Good times.

From the story to the characters, this is a magnificent read! I’m a huge fan of the authors writing and story telling style. I eagerly await what she writes next! If you love romance and a feel good story, grab this book and get lost on Simona Island. I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

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