Hello, it’s Me

Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself again. My name is Laura and I own The Literary Vixen blog. I’m a Native American blogger from Arizona. I love books, coffee, makeup, cats, and music. My love of reading started at an early age. Books were an escape and an adventure. I remember one time in elementary school, I read all the books the librarian had on a chart. I was so proud to see all those shiny stars next to my name. Earning all that free pizza from the BOOK IT! program didn’t hurt either.

I started this blog back in 2014 because I wanted a place to share my reviews and book news. I came into the reading/indie community back in 2013. There were so many other book lovers AND they loved talking books! The best part was getting to know and interact with authors! I’ve met some amazing people and have made some long lasting friendships through this connection. It also opened up a new passion for me and that was becoming a personal assistant to indie authors.

I did take a break somewhere along the way. Between life, health, and working, it took its toll on me and  I had become burnt out. A break was needed and so I took one. It was longer than expected. I slowly started to come back. Started reviewing again and kickstarted my blog. I missed it! I made changes and had a new logo made. There have been so many awesome new books I’ve read lately and connecting with some amazing new authors has been wonderful.

The place I am most active on is Instagram. The link is on the right sidebar if you want to follow or check it out.

To my followers, THANK YOU for visiting my site and taking time to read my reviews. My reviews are from the heart and my honest opinion.




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