Part of Me (Part of Me Series Book 1) by L. Powell – My Review

Release Date: August 10th 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Their life together was perfect until he made her question all that she knew…

Charlie and Luke are high school sweethearts.
Together for ten years.
Best friends as well as lovers.
Their bond is strong.
They love each other fiercely.
But is love enough?

Charlie has always trusted Luke.
She has never had a reason to doubt him.
Until now.
When two strange men show up on her doorstep, Charlie is forced to question the life that she shares with Luke.
What is Luke hiding from her?
Has everything been a lie?
Will she ever uncover the truth?

Their love is tested.
Their lives turned upside down.
And Charlie must make a choice. Stay and fight or run and never look back….

Part of Me is book one of the Part of Me book series written by Lindsey Powell.

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~My Review~

The kind of love that Charlie and Luke share is one we all hope to find. They’ve been through many ups and downs but in the end, their love remained strong. Everything is perfect. Until it’s not. Can you be with someone and not really know them? Charlie knows Luke would never lie to her….would he?

I was already coming off a book hangover from this lady but I thought, I should be ok. It’s her books. WRONG! From the story to the characters, I was hooked. It has the right amount of suspense with those steamy scenes. Did I mention feels? Oh such feels! Thanks for gutting me Miss Powell! I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

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