Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns by Joanna Reeder – My Review

Title: Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns

Author: Joanna Reeder

Release Date: January 18th 2023

Genre: Epic Fantasy

A tournament for the prince’s heart.
Fifteen fae hopefuls chosen, vying for the crown.
But the king has planted a beautiful spy in their midst…

Half-fae Amberle is a thief, but there’s nothing she can steal that will buy her father’s freedom. When she’s invited to enter a glamorous competition to become the potential mate and bride of the prince, her every instinct blares a warning. After all, the king can’t be trusted. And worse, she knew Prince Rion as a youngling, and he hates her.

The feeling is mutual.

But when the very King of Faerie who holds her father prisoner offers to free him in exchange for Amberle’s compliance, will she strike a bargain?

How hard can it be to spy on a few royals and noble wannabes? It’s not like she’s at risk of falling in love.

Joanna Reeder wows readers with her phenomenal world building and cast of lively characters. Enter the world of the Fae courts. Dazzling beauty is everywhere but nothing is as it seems. This unputdownable tale of magic, mystery, and more will keep readers enraptured till the very end.

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