Helen’s Surrender by Ciara Skye – My Review

Title: Helen’s Surrender

Author: Ciara Skye

Release Date: June 10th 2021

Genre: Mythology, Fairytale

Three sexy gods. One ancient prophecy. And the face that launched a thousand ships.


Washing up on the shore of an ancient Greek Isle after her cruise ship sank into the Mediterranean, Helen awakes before the crumbling remains of a forgotten temple. Life saved by three mysterious men, she struggles with their belief that she is the direct descendent of the famous beauty, and her namesake, Helen of Troy.

Convinced she is the one who can restore these ancient immortals to their ancestral powers, she quickly becomes swept into a sizzling tale of ancient temptations and irresistible seductions, even as she struggles to protect her heart from the gods seeking to claim it.

As Helen slowly surrenders to a world she once believed existed only in legends, another power lurks in the shadows. One determined to ensure Helen fails in her quest, bringing those intent on claiming her heart to the same ruin as the mythic heroes who fell long ago before the ashen gates of Troy.

*Helen’s Surrender is a stand-alone novel in a shared paranormal romance world*

Helen’s Surrender is a delightfully and tantalizing read. Fantastic world building. I loved the author’s twist on the tale of Helen of Troy. A bit of adventure. A bit of folktale and a whole lot of sexy to get your pulse racing! Each man is alluring and desirable in their own way. Which made them prime book boyfriend material. This is one of those guilty pleasure reads. Heavy on the pleasure with none of the guilt.

As a whole, this book is entertaining and guaranteed to heat up your night! Highly recommend! I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

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