BRINK OF DENIAL: A Dark Mafia Romance (Sons of Sindicato Book 1) by Cam Johns & Sonya Jesus – My Review


Title: BRINK OF DENIAL: A Dark Mafia Romance (Sons of Sindicato Book 1)

Author: Cam Johns & Sonya Jesus

Release Date: May 20th 2021

Genre: Mafia Romance

She only calls when she needs a fix of danger. 

His addiction for Mila is a vice he can’t kick.

When the glamour of fame dims down and the cameras stop shooting, Mila Blanc itches to be the Mafia princess she used to be. She misses her best friend—the man she shared every first with—but most of all, she misses herself. The problem is she’s too proud to admit she was wrong.

For eleven years, Dane Giordano has watched the only woman he’s ever loved forget him. He has hardened by the minute, grown crueler by the hour, and the love they once shared has transformed to hate.

So when Mila comes back during a turbulent time, ready to take her rightful place by his side, Dane doesn’t make it easy. To be his wife, she’s going to have to find herself again and prove she’s worthy of being a daughter of the Sindicato.

Dane is hard to love, but Mila is even harder to break.

The is a full-length dark mafia romance for readers who enjoy suspense, thrills and second chances. Caution is advised. This 90k+ book may contain scenes not appropriate for younger audiences.


A very addicting series!

I love me some Dane! Holy hotness! This story has it all! Danger, action, suspense and of course those steamy scenes we love to get lost in. This is one of those guilty pleasure reads that you’ll finish in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down! I was fully invested in the story and had to know what would come next. This story had me at the edge of my seat in anticipation! Well done ladies!

I truly enjoyed the writing styles of Miss Johns and Miss Jesus. They work extremely weak and bring us some incredible reads. If you’re a fan of mafia and dark romance reads, this series is for YOU! Move this up on your TBR and one click it today! I give this 5 stars.

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