The Chronicles of Benjamin Bright: The Cursed Blood (Darkling Rising Book 1) by J.S. Craig – My Review


Title: The Chronicles of Benjamin Bright: The Cursed Blood (Darkling Rising Book 1)

Author: J.S. Craig

Release Date: June 16th 2020

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Fairy Tale

This is the beginning of the story of the life and adventures of Benjamin Bright, a young darkling hunter of legendary lineage haunted by ancient prophecy in the world of Feydom. A place of wonders and terrors, where fairytales, magic, and mythology bends and warps reality in unexpected ways. And the plots and schemes of wizards, warlocks, and demons cut a swath of terror with blood, treachery, and arcane power. Setting young Ben down a dark path of epic adventure full of monsters and the supernatural as he reluctantly takes up the mantle he was born into, and dives into the deadliest depths of betrayal, love, madness, murder, and mayhem to discover the truth of his destiny.

The Cursed Blood © is the debut of a bold modern reimagining of Arthurian legend that begins a fresh new series in the worlds of Feydom.


Phenomenal world building! Fantastic! Exhilarating! Unputdownable!

The world building this book has is phenomenal! From the story to the characters, I was in awe. Right from the beginning I was pulled into a different world, where magic and mystical creatures actually exist. The characters range from grey to evil and I love that. This is truly a dark fantasy read, which made my little black heart sing with joy! Some of the scenes are not for the faint of heart. The author has an incredible ability to describe something so nightmarish, that will give you the chills. Maybe even haunt your dreams. I was there for it! Bring on the horror! The journey you begin at the start of the book will have twisted and changed so much, that you’ll find yourself at a loss and heading to your next destination. Book hangover town here I come!

This is a fantastic debut from this author. His storytelling and writing is superb and I highly anticipate what comes next from him. If you’re a fan of fantasy with that touch of darkness, this book is for YOU! Skip adding this to your TBR and one click it today! You won’t be disappointed. I give this 5 stars.

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