Updates From Me

Hello everyone. I wanted to hop on and give you an update.

If you’ve noticed there hasn’t been many posts. I lost my father recently and very unexpectedly and it has turned my whole world upside down. The past two weeks have been a struggle to focus on anything but my grief. I couldn’t even escape into a book and that’s always been my safety. 

Interview with an Author will be back next week. I put it on hold for two weeks but I have some more amazing authors coming your way.

Book Buddies is still happening. We finished two books out of four. Stay tuned for those updates. We think you’ll enjoy our thoughts.

Reviews will be coming. I received some really awesome book mail. I am actively sharing them on my Instagram and now on TikTok. I am still trying to figure out that new platform. Maybe I should start sharing them here too……

Guest blogging may be happening as well.

That is all the updates I have for now. Thank you for taking time to read this or any of my posts. I appreciate you.


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