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The Truth in the Lie by A.R. Hadley – My Review


Title: The Truth in the Lie

Author: A.R. Hadley

Release Date: October 16th 2020

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Erotic


You think you know truth…

This is not a novel.

This is my life.
Read between the lines.

I’m not a heroine.
I’m human.

Working a job that I hate.

I make my own money.
My own way.
No one can keep me safe.
I don’t need a man.
In fact … I hate them.

The only thing that truly satisfies me is the writing. 

I write to make you uncomfortable. To strangle you. Because I want you to squirm. I write because without the words … I might die.

You think you know truth…
…but you’re falling for the lie.

The Truth in the Lie is a 59,000-word erotic women’s fiction novel.

Dark and seductive. Alluring and enthralling. 

Bree’s journey isn’t a smooth one. She’s plagued by her Inner demons. Secrets. Dark desires. Self loathing. How long can you run from the past? Healing has to begin sometimes. There’s a rawness to this story. I was mesmerized right from the beginning. I dig a dark vibe and I was here for it. I was fascinated from beginning to end. The ending was a pleasant surprise and one I didn’t see coming. 

I love Miss Hadley’s delightful storytelling and I excitedly await her next novel! I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

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