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Page to Screen

There are tons of movies and shows based off books. Sometimes I find out after I’ve watched a show or movie that it was based on a book. I used to try to read the book first and then watch the show or movie. That doesn’t always happen and I’ve made peace with it. 

Do you watch the movie or show first or do you read the book?


I finally got around to reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I had watched the show prior when it first came out. Although I enjoyed the book, I liked the show a bit better. 

Both the book and the show had that dark vibe to it but I think the show was a bit more dark and if you know me, you know I love me some dark.

I feel a lot had to do with the actors/actresses and directing to bring that darkness and thriller to life.

I remember binge watching this with a friend and we were hooked!

I kept hearing about the movie, After and saw it was based on a book. I decided to read it before watching the movie. If you follow my reviews, you know my feelings on it. I decided to watch the movie and compare the two. 

The movie is slightly different than the book. Oh what a surprise *heavy sarcasm*

In the movie, they made Hardin more likable. Book Hardin is a HUGE jerk. I am the few that wasn’t totally crazy about this book/movie. Check out my review for my feelings on it.

“You” has been a huge success and before watching it, I wanted to read the book. I did and I was a little disappointed. The hype had set my expectations really high.

I started the show and totally binge watched it over the weekend. The show again was slightly different than the book. The actors/actresses did a great job! Am I supposed to like Joe? Probably not but I do. Thanks Netflix and Penn Badgley!

I have plans on reading the second book, Hidden Bodies and then tackling the show after.


I will have more Page to Screen coming.

Let me know in the comments some of your favorite page to screen movies or shows. 

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My name is Laura and I am a Makeup Junkie, Book Dragon, Blogger, Beta Reader, and PA I’ve always loved both books and makeup. I’m always reading at least two or three books at any given time. Email: View all posts by theliteraryvixen

2 responses to “Page to Screen – My Thoughts

  • Cianna Elizabeth

    I’ve not read any of the books, but I’ve seen all the movies! Good to know on After! 🙂


    • theliteraryvixen

      Read “After” and see what you think. It’s way more in depth than the movie and definitely made Hardin more likable. I will probably read the second book because part of me wants to know where the train wreck will end up. Haha! Thanks for commenting and letting me know your thoughts!


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