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Dark Gods: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance Anthology – My Review

Title: Dark Gods: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance Anthology

Author: Various Authors

Release Date: March 1st 2022

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Dark…delicious…devilish and ready to be worshiped

Be seduced in a world of angels and demons, monsters and men, and above them all, the gods that rule them.

Grab this kindle-melting set of stories about the darkest of men and the hottest of gods, where all males are alpha and where angels are fallen. Choose your bookish fated mate among these pages where everyone is a sinner and no one is a saint.

If you enjoy dark spicy romance, enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, hot gods, and the women that worship them, pick up Dark Gods today and give into temptation

Holy hotness!! *fans self*

This collection has some pretty great reads! My favorite by far is Love and War by Ariel Dawn & Terisa Johnson. Loved the tension between Imogen, Ares, and Colton. These me are hot! Like how do you choose? 

I highly recommend this collection. There’s something for everyone! I give it 5 stars. 


Taken: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 3) by Rebecca Rivard – My Review

Title: Taken: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 3)

Author: Rebecca Rivard

Release Date: February 4th 2022

Genre: Vampire Romance, Paranormal

*The hot new vampire mafia romance series from USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard*

The Dark Angel Trilogy concludes with Zaq and Ridley’s story.


Vampires killed my mother and sent me on the run. Now I’m the mysterious slayer known as Reaper.

I have one mission. Wipe vampires and their half-human cousins, the dhampir, from the face of the earth.

My current target? Zaq Kral, one of the famous—and inhumanly beautiful—Dark Angels.


I may be a Kral Vampire Syndicate prince, but I never asked for this life. Still, I play the game when my vampire father requires it.

Until the day another syndicate captures me with Reaper’s help. Vampires chain me to a wall with silver cuffs and feed from me. The silver eats through my skin—and poisons my soul. When I finally get free, the people behind this will pay.

Starting with Reaper.

What a wild ride this book was! 

Betrayal, loss, and secrets is how Zaq is living his life. There’s someone out to get him and his family. He has to figure out what is truth and who he can trust. I felt like I traveled the world along side the characters. Lots of action to keep me on my toes! Nothing is what it seems and I was there for it. I wasn’t too sure about Ridley but by the end I was all for her. Speaking of endings, all I have to say is wow. 

Phenomenal storytelling and wonderful writing makes this book one fantastic read. This whole series is a MUST READ! If you like your vampires with a bite, these books are for you! I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

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Interview with an Author featuring Wren Michaels

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is Wren Michaels! Her newest release, Thunderstruck (Thunderbird Brotherhood Book 1) released on March 10th 2022.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always been a daydreamer and loved to just listen to music and envision scenes in my head. I also loved books and often times didn’t want the stories to end, so I took to writing my own, so I didn’t have to leave those worlds if I didn’t want to.

What time of the day do you usually write?

Whenever possible! LOL It varies, really. While I was working full-time, I would try and squeeze in time at night. Now that I am only working part-time, I can devote more daytime to writing.

How much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing?

I storyboard with Pinterest, so that can lead me down a whole rabbit hole which can last for days.

Which of your books were the most enjoyable to write?

All of them were enjoyable to write, or I wouldn’t have written them! LOL But, I had the most fun with one of my first books, VEXED and my Christmas RomCom, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIE. Vexed has a sassy, take no crap heroine, which I love to write. She was my first. And It’s a Wonderful Lie was my first RomCom and I just love to write banter.

Who is the author you most admire in your genre?

That’s tough, I admire a lot. I love Darynda Jones though. She’s a phenomenal writer, nails witty banter and sassy heroines and is a genuinely awesome person. I got to meet her at a con many years ago and walked up to her with a friend of mine and just asked if we could interview her and she’s like, yeah, sure. And she was so down to earth.

Do you hear from your readers much? What do they say?

I’d love to hear from them more! Whether in reviews or just on social media.The one that really sticks with me the most is someone who read my Christmas Rom Com and said it inspired her to go out and do something nice for someone else. I never thought I’d write a book that inspired someone else, let alone for them to want to go out and do something as a result. I bawled like a baby to my husband. It was magical.

Favorite book when you were a kid.

Bridge to Terabithia, I will never ever forget that book and how it made me feel.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Humorous, Loyal, Daydreamer.

What advice would you give to other authors?

Perseverance is the key. 98% of the time, things won’t happen overnight. It’s a long-haul business. LOTS of ups and downs but hang in there. Don’t compare yourself to other authors, everyone’s road to success is different because everyone’s definition of success is different.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

I will always have sparks of humor and a happy ending in them, along with an adventure and of course romance. In the end, it’s the characters that drive me and I’m just telling their stories.

Thank you Wren Michaels for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her newest release, Thunderstruck today!


Reseda Juarez is dead.

Though she functions as a human, inside she’s an emotionless weapon, trapped between the living and the undead. Cold and unrelenting, she’s used as a super-soldier by the government in a special task force to hunt preternatural beings to the brink of extinction.

One night, five years ago, Kane killed an innocent and his brother lost the love of his life. The aftermath forces Kane to become the alpha of the legendary Thunderbirds. He now must protect what’s left of his family from the tribe of wolf shifters who ripped them apart.

When Reseda’s mother is bitten by a wolf, she and Kane are forced to work together to find the Mayan Pul Yah stone to heal her—the same stone that gifted Reseda to the life she now lives. But the journey is riddled with more than the wolves, also searching for the stone.

Something strange happens to their powers when they’re together, and they struggle to fight the intense attraction between them. The deeper they go, the more secrets unravel, until love is the only thing that can defeat an enemy no one saw coming.

Wren hails from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin where beer and cheese are their own food groups. But a cowboy swept her off her feet and carried her to Texas, where she promptly lost all tolerance for cold and snow. Fueled by coffee, dreams, and men in kilts, Wren promises to bring you laughter, heart-fluttering romance, and action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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Of Glass and Ashes (Twisted Pages Book 3) by Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle – My Review

Title: Of Glass and Ashes (Twisted Pages Book 3)

Author: Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle

Release Date: July 23rd 2021

Genre: Fairytale, Romance

They say a dream is a wish your heart makes, but what happens when you’re trapped in nightmares?

Aika is playing a dangerous game.

Torn between the loyalties she thought she had and revelations she wishes she didn’t, she will burn the city down to get the answers she needs.

To get the vengeance she craves.

But when the boy from her past starts asking questions that could get them both killed, she is forced to choose between the people she needs to die and those she wants to save.

Even if it costs her the only thing true in a lifetime of lies.

Even if it costs her him.

A Cinderella retelling unlike any you’ve read before, where the stroke of midnight is just the beginning.

*The Twisted Pages Series continues with Aika’s story for books three and four, but don’t worry, Zaina and Einar have their scenes as well! This series does need to be read in order, beginning with Of Thorns and Beauty.

**Please note: This is book three in a series of six books. This story will take you right up to the edge of a cliff, but we promise not to leave you there for long!

This series is truly spellbinding. I was entranced from the first book. Reading Aika’s story was both intriguing and heartbreaking. These authors know how to get you all in your feels. I went through so many emotions while reading. The vivid storytelling and the characters, made for a stellar story. That ending!! I knew to expect it but once I got there, I was like noooo!! 

There’s time to catch up before the next book releases! I’m telling you, this series is a must read. Skip adding it to your TBR and just grab them today. Fall in love with a new series today! You’re welcome. I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

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Prophecy Girl: Camille Bishop, Book 1 (Audiobook) – My Review

Title: Prophecy Girl: Camille Bishop, Book 1 (Audiobook)

Author: Ravin Tija Maurice

Narrator: Christina Jones

Release Date: October 26th 2021

Genre: Urban Fantasy

I never thought my life could get any weirder, then Jane Lowry came into my office.

It seemed like a straightforward paternity case; something simple for my first solo assignment as a private investigator. Everyone has secrets. Jane Lowry’s would lead me down a path that would completely change my life. I knew the world was full of crazy things, but nothing would prepare me for how crazy it would get.

The Prophecy Girl series is one of my favorites! When I saw it was available on audiobook, I was excited!! I was hoping the narrator would bring Camille Bishop to life. Boy did she! The narrator did a fantastic job! The story and the characters came alive and I was easily transported into their world. I can’t wait for the next one! 

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

Author Spotlight · Interview with an Author

Interview with an Author featuring Leslie O’Sullivan

Scroll to the bottom for a special surprise!

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is Leslie O’Sullivan! Her debut book, Pink Guitars and Falling Stars (Rockin’ Fairy Tales Book 1) released January 6th 2022.

What inspired you to start writing?

I adore stories. I’ve been a bookworm my whole life as well as a huge movie fan. Imagining myself in the stories I loved set me on a course to create my own characters and journeys.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

I am a Post-it notes hoarder. Color-coding the scenes, beats, turning points, etc. for each book is my happy place. I create a new color palette for every new story. Full disclosure, I’m also a journal collector, and yes, they are color coordinated to match each individual Post-it palette.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I wrote and queried four YA novels which were fantastic learning experiences, before switching to adult romance. PINK GUITARS AND FALLING STARS, my Rapunzel/Romeo and Juliet mashup, started out as a YA novel and then “matured” into an adult romance. I have a soft spot in my heart for PINK GUITARS AND FALLING STARS since it is my debut novel. As of now, I’ve written four adult romances with four more in the works, all of which will be published by the awesomeness that is City Owl Press.

How much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing?

World building is one of my favorite aspects of storytelling. I come from a theatrical design background and use the same design process as I would to create scenery or a lighting design for stage when I craft my worlds. Tapping into subtext and character motivations are a large part of my process when creating an environment and its moving parts. The emotional response of color and texture are an integral part of my world building as well. I will sketch images, locations, and create mood boards to find the right tone and synergy for the story I am telling. I even draft floor plans if I want to dig specifically into the lay of the land. If it’s a fantasy or sci-fi world, I work to embed connections to the now, so readers can build relationships with the new reality I present in my stories.

Do you hear from your readers much? What do they say?

I am a debut author, so I’ve just begun forming relationships with readers. I’ve had a blast meeting people at virtual launch parties for other authors and through contests. It’s been a thrill to see sweet reviews pop up from folks I’ve never met. I’d love to hang out with some book clubs and chat. I’m really looking forward to this being the beginning of lots of future interactions with readers.

What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

Fairy tales and myths have always been at the top of my list for inspiration. I’m a happily ever after kind of gal which makes writing and reading romance such a joy. The Lord of the Rings is my favorite saga of all time – Aragorn and Arwen SWOON. I’m a huge fangirl of the Outlander series as well – Jamie and Claire DOUBLE SWOON. My theater background sparked my love of Shakespeare.

When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

I love the challenge of peeking into every corner of a fictional world to see what gold nuggets are waiting for me to discover. Any character in a novel’s world has their own story to tell that can lead to delicious surprises. Writing romance is always a fresh hug to me. I indulge my hopelessly romantic side, exploring the many different ways, likely and unlikely of people falling in love.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with me?

The next book in the “Rockin’ Fairy Tales,” series out this summer is GILDED BUTTERFLY, a King Midas and the Golden Touch/King Lear mashup, centered around a reality television show, starring a musical trio of Hollywood influencer sisters who happen to be witches. The first book in my “Behind the Scenes” series, HOT SET, will release in the fall. It’s the story of a fashion catalog copy writer who lands an assistant’s job on the writing staff of a television drama based on a wildly popular series of period romance novels and happens to catch the amorous attention of the show’s super heart-throbby star.

What advice would you give to other authors?

This one is easy peasy. NEVER give up. The writing journey as well as any creative endeavor requires a thick skin and patience. Surround yourself with friends and co-authors who can relate to your path, support you, and share in your successes. Never lose sight of joy in the writing itself.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

At the root of all my stories is a fairy tale vibe, whether it’s an actual fairy tale retelling, or a real-life fairy tale flavored journey. It’s an honor and a dream come true to have my stories out in the world. I so appreciate readers, reviewers, and the new friends I’m making on social media. Thank you all so much. Let’s keep this party going! Huge hugs to The Literary Vixen for this opportunity to chat for a spell.


Thank you Leslie O’Sullivan for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her release, Pink Guitars and Falling Stars today!


Zeli’s signature pop diva sound and image are nothing short of magical—literally. Her fame comes with hidden costs, a curse that could ruin her voice forever.

Aspiring indie musician, Justin MacKenzie, is determined to kick it to the top of the Rampion Records’ Summer Number One professional vs. amateur singing competition.

The favorite to beat in the annual televised contest is none other than the label’s smoking hot superstar, Zeli, whose crazy extensions flow the length of a football field. Those ridiculous extensions, coupled with her bubblegum brand of pop, are an affront to everything Justin loves about music until a stolen kiss blazes into a romantic encounter.

Once inside Zeli’s world, Justin discovers things are not as they seem. In their quest to allow the real Zeli, to step into the spotlight, the pair must confront the mysterious force behind the dazzle of Rampion’s success. If these star-crossed lovers can’t rally their own magic to defeat the darkness, they will lose everything—including each other.

Leslie O’Sullivan is the author of Rockin’ Fairy Tales, an adult romance series of Shakespeare/fairy tale mash ups set against the backdrop of Hollywood’s music scene. The first book in the series, PINK GUITARS AND FALLING STARS, a Rapunzel/Romeo & Juliet story is available now from the Mystic Owl imprint of City Owl Books. Coming this fall is her Behind the Scenes contemporary romance series that peeks into the off-camera secrets of a wildly popular television drama. She’s a UCLA Bruin with a BA and MFA from their Department of Theater where she also taught for years on the design faculty. Her tenure in the world of television was as the assistant art director on “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.” Leslie is a California girl who loves to indulge her fangirl side at cons.


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Author Spotlight · Interview with an Author

Interview with an Author featuring Faith Marlow

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is Faith Marlow! Her debut book, Being Mrs. Dracula (Being Mrs. Dracula Series Book 1) released on February 12th 2021.

How long have you been writing?

I first began writing in the fifth grade but I have been writing professionally since 2013.

Describe a typical writing day.

Typically for me, I do as much researching and note taking as I do writing. While I do plan ahead and often (not always) outline the story before I start, I end up doing a lot of web surfing and reading while I write. Very often, my books are set in specific historical times, such as Medieval Europe, an ancient Mediterranean island, or New York City in the Roaring 20’s. I feel that obligates me to be as historically accurate as possible when setting the scene and still write stories about vampires and other mythical beings.

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Inspiration comes from so many places. I wrote Being Mrs. Dracula because I wanted to know more about the Brides of Dracula and couldn’t find a book that had been written about them. The story of Medusa always seemed cruel and unfair, so I wanted to emphasize that she was first and foremost a victim and not just a mindless creature for the hero to slay. I also wanted to bring her happiness. I have a soft spot for characters that would be considered monsters, like vampires, Medusa, ghosts, etc. and enjoy examining their human aspects- and how their existence reflects us as humans.

My short story in Unbreakable Ink, Based on a True story, was based on a dream. My psychological horror “Couples Therapy” (which is currently unavailable as I rework and improve the story) was also based on a dream.

Do you have a favorite character that you have written? If so, who? And what makes them so special.

Valeria from Being Mrs. Dracula will always be my favorite. She is the main character of my first published book and we share a lot of personality traits, some good and some that could use some improvement. We are working on this together!

How do you deal with the emotional impact of a book (on yourself) as you are writing the story?

Many of my stories involve heavy subject matter. Being Mrs. Dracula was very emotional to write because I wanted the readers to empathize with these women, so I had to process a wide range of emotions writing them. While I may not have experienced such things first hand in my own life, ruminating on how it would feel to experience them can still be very heavy. We as authors become very attached to our characters and sometimes we have to put them through terrible events, or even write them out of the story. We mourn those characters misfortunes and deaths just like readers do. 

       Sometimes you just have to take breaks from certain stories. I am currently writing my next Scorned Women book and some of the subject matter became very heavy and was wearing on me, so I had to sit it down and start working on another project for a while.

What book is currently on your bedside table?

I don’t keep my Kindle on my beside table because my tiny panther Teddy will step on it, but I just read a Beta copy version of Carmilla Voiez’s work in progress and adored it! I can’t wait to see the finished version. I also have Rue Volley’s latest “The End of August, book 2” queued up next.

When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

With a series, I think it is important to have an overall goal and purpose for the series but you also need clear goals to accomplish in each book of the series. Making them all work together is what makes a series fun to write, even if the reader doesn’t know where the goal posts are at for the end of the series when they are reading the first book. In my Being Mrs Dracula series, I think the main goal is for Valeria to have a life beyond that of her association with Dracula, to step out of his shadow once and for all. We see how she is ultimately going to accomplish this (or at least she thinks) by the end of book three, Being Dracula’s Heir.

The Scorned Women series is a bit different. Each book in the series is about a different woman but united by an overall theme. Each woman in the series has been done wrong and deserves to have a second chance or a more to her story than she had the first time.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Restless. Loyal. Curious.

What advice would you give to other authors?

Write the story you are afraid to write. Tell the story the way you know it needs to be told. You will always be pleased with your finished project if you are true to yourself. Your authenticity and dedication will show in your work.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

The first thing I would like people to know, before they even open the book, is that I have done my absolute best to make the story the best I can on publishing day. I have devoted hours (which adds up to months or more for longer stories), to produce quality work and I hope that everyone who reads them finds something they can enjoy about them. I know it’s impossible to please everyone, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

I would also want them to know that the gift of their time is not lost on me, and I appreciate that they have chosen to spend some of that time with books I have written. I am very thankful that I am able to tell people stories that they enjoy. I appreciate their reviews, words of encouragement, and sharing my work with others more than they will ever know.


Thank you Faith Marlow for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her series, Being Mrs. Dracula today!


When Valeria Karjan’s hand was given in marriage to the handsome and powerful Count Vlad Dracula, she dreamed of happiness but, instead, her life was filled with longing for her absent husband, their country ravaged by war.

When Vlad a last returned from the battlefield, he was a changed man, an alluring and dangerous creature with a thirst for her blood… and more wives.

Discover their stories, their secrets, and find out what it would be to love and be loved by history’s most powerful vampire.

In a marriage that spans centuries, one man shared by three women, love may be eternal but happiness is not guaranteed.

Faith Marlow is a USA Today best selling author of dark fantasy/ paranormal/ horror. Her stories stir emotions and explore the thin veil between human and the inhuman. Dark, yet inviting and familiar, Faith seeks to deliver chills with a sense of class, and sometimes a bit of heat. With each story, she hopes to build exposure for fellow women authors and artists who create horror.

Her debut, “Being Mrs. Dracula”, chronicles the lives of Count Dracula’s three beautiful, yet very different wives, Valeria, Ilona, and Fleur. The story continues with “Being Dracula’s Widow” and the third installment of the series “Being Dracula’s Heir”. The fourth book is currently in development.

Faith’s “Scorned Women” series launched in 2020 with its first book, a retelling of the story of Medusa. Each book in this series will focus on a different woman in and seek to give them a second chance. She most recently co-wrote and published a Southern Gothic horror novel, “Our Fearful Roots”, with Carmilla Voiez.

Faith is also proud to be featured in multiple short story anthologies. When she isn’t writing or reading, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching a horror movie, sculpting with polymer clay, or entertaining her house panther, Teddy. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, Scottie, and son, Avery.

Tiktok @authorfaithmarlow

Author Spotlight · Interview with an Author

Interview with an Author featuring K. Rose

The Literary Vixen presents…


Joining us today is K. Rose! Her debut, The Prophecy of the Water Sprite released on August 5th 2021.

How long have you been writing?

I literally started writing my first story ever (The prophecy of the Water Sprite) as an April Fool’s Day Joke 2021. I never wrote stories short, long, poems, anything before that. Even in High School when the English teacher asked for a 1,000-word story I drew a picture and turned it in, since pictures are worth 1,000 words. She gave me a C for a grade, but I still consider it a win.

Describe a typical writing day.

I don’t have typical anything days. When I write it is whatever the muse wants me to write, which is why I don’t set pre-orders or deadlines for myself until I am in the editing stages.

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

I am not sure where all of the inspiration comes from exactly, I just have these ideas that pop in my brain and I run with them. If they come from reading other people’s books, or watching TV shows, or even listening to music; I couldn’t be too sure.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I have 2 published books, my Debut The prophecy of the Water Sprite is a Reverse Harem Fantasy standalone, and my second book is a series starter that ended up being a YA Adventure Fantasy, that will Glacially burn its way to an RH eventually. 

I really hate choosing favorites, and I love them both for different reasons, probably since they are so different themselves.

How much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing?

I do use a template to plot out my story. I would say that most of the world building and character development happens as I write.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Oooof, that’s hard… just three? 

Creative . . . Caring . . . Smart

How do you deal with the emotional impact of a book (on yourself) as you are writing the story?

So far my stories have been more light and not too emotional with the sadder or darker side of things. Though I would admit that I cry easily, and did find myself crying at times.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with me?

I am always working on something. Currently I have a short story that is part of a charity anthology with all the proceeds going to Breast Cancer research, it is a friends to Lovers M/F NA Romance. I have a satirical children’s book about diversity that has a LOT of innuendo. These two projects will be out in the next couple/few months. 

I have a secret shared world project that is mostly outlined and I am ready to start putting words down for that. It will be a PNR Urban Fantasy Academy NA Bully RH … Yeah I know that’s a mouthful. 

My newest release the Elven Prince (released FEB 3rd) will have at least 2 more books in the series, and each can be read as a standalone, or at least that’s the plan. The oracle is the title of the next book, and the third’s working title is “The Dragon” 

I have a SCiFi PNR RH that I have started, and also have a 6K prequel ready to go out into an anthology later this year. 

I also have an RH PNR rom-com that I have started that I hope to get done before the end of the year as well… and I do have at least a half dozen other stories that have partial outlines, that will be pushed out into next year or later depending on how much time I get this year. 

I also have some low content journals and diaries that I made up, just to alleviate my need to be creative, those are on the ‘zon now, and I have a few more that I haven’t finished yet too. But the best of them all is the 24 month reader’s journal that I created for people that like to keep track of things like reviews and quotes…and when there is just a need to meditate or zone out there are coloring pages mixed in as well.

What advice would you give to other authors?

The best thing I can say is “You are good enough” 

And it may have a bad connotation to it when others say Shameless Self Promotion … but do it! Everywhere you can and don’t be ashamed, because its that one more reader that finds your promo that tells everyone … or that one more promo that starts a viral trend . . . you never know when or if it will happen but you will NEVER know if you don’t try.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

I write what comes to mind. I will not write what the market wants. I will not be apologetic with what I write or change it to fit what the genre or trope is “supposed” to be. This is Fiction, and as such my creativity is what feeds it. If I make things up, or bend the supposed rules that’s all in my originality, and I hope you end up liking me more for it rather than opposing the differences. Also, I will not be a single trope author. I will write in Reverse Harem, Male female, menage, Young adult, bordering on erotica (but probably never erotica), children’s books with silly rhymes, and whatever else my creative mind wants to spill out. So come along for an epic ride!


Thank you K. Rose for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her release, The Prophecy of the Water Sprite today!


Our kind has been enslaved by the Fae for as long as this kingdom remembers. They need us to keep water in their kingdom flowing, without it, their kind would surely all perish, as not even the powerful Fae have control over the waters that feed life to everything. Somewhere along the line, they all lost that ability, as if that element revolted against them.

For over twenty-one years I’ve been kept in the dark about my true heritage, being raised as a witch, like my auntie, that can wield water with spells. Soon I would be old enough to leave my childhood home and go beyond the protection spell that has kept me safe all these years to seek out my destiny.

A vision—perhaps even a prophecy, in the castle where I was born caused my parents to secret me away under the cover of darkness. I was saved by an unlikely partnership.

For the first time in thousands of years, the elements are set to combine into the greatest power ever known, and somehow I am the center of it all.

The power of the elements are told to bring about peace in the lands and restore life in the realm to a greatness more than it has ever been before.

No more struggles for food, no more starvation. No more taxation with penalties of death. No more hatred and fear of the rulers of the kingdom. Only prosperity, health, and maybe even something more?

Please note: This is a Reverse Harem Novel. It contains explicit content intended for adults only. 18+

K. Rose has been a part of the Indie Author Community for years. Getting her start as a reader, her keen eye led to a wonderful career in Beta and ARC (Advance Reader Copy) reading. As a joke to her fellow Beta colleagues, she created a spoofed blurb and cover for a story and the feedback was so positive that it sparked her to run with it.

That stoked a fire that has her racing down a multi-genre freeway with no off-ramp in sight. K. doesn’t write to “market” and she is fairly certain that her humor and use of puns may cause an eye roll or two, but as she likes to say, “That’s how I roll.” and “Jokes are always welcome!”

She has traveled the USA extensively, including Alaska, and lived in thirty-eight of the fifty states. Home is now the beautiful state of Wisconsin, where she dreams up her stories in the company of her guy of nearly twenty years, and their menagerie of furbabies, including five puppies, three rescue kitties, eighteen chickens, ruled by a Rooster named Chicken Parm, plus eight ducks, a ninety-gallon tropical fish tank and a chatty nineteen-year-old Cherry Headed Conure!

Life will always be interesting for K. Rose, which will fuel her works, and keep her muses singing, come join the chorus.




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Author Spotlight · Interview with an Author

Interview with an Author featuring L.W. Lowe

The Literary Vixen presents…


Joining us today is L.W. Lowe! Her book, Deal With Cupid (When Muses Misbehave Book 1) released on June 1st 2021.

What inspired you to start writing?

I wish I could say there was this one sparkling moment of inspiration. It actually was a slow and rebellious journey. There was seven year old me who directed my friends to re-enact the story of Beauty and the Beast in our backyard. I’d change the ending or re-assign the roles of Beauty or Beast to different kids. Then eleven year old me who got an old mint-colored typewriter from my parents, who didn’t realize what they started or how much paper and white out I would end up costing them. (Boy, doesn’t that date me!) For years, I had the compulsion to write. I would do it just to get the stories out of my head because everyone knows about the starving author. I never took it seriously until many years later; I was married and pregnant with my first child. My mom sent me a box of stuff where I found an old vocabulary assignment from my high school senior year. My English teacher had written in the corner that she enjoyed how I turned each vocabulary word into a story, and I should seriously consider being an author. It wasn’t so much a light bulb moment as getting hit upside the head with a sledgehammer.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

My first drafts start with outlines. When I get to the second draft, those outlines get rearranged, replaced, or thrown out by the end. The story always changes on me the closer I get to the end. I blame the characters!

How do you deal with the emotional impact of a book (on yourself) as you are writing the story?

I have to take a moment and step away to decide if an emotional scene is worth keeping to advance the story or for my catharsis.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

In my early writing years, I wrote several long ‘books’ for fanfiction, but officially I have self-pubbed two books. So far Deal with Cupid is the favorite, but that could change to Book Three in the series because the outline introduces a Greek goddess that I feel doesn’t get enough attention. (Yes, I have the sequels outlined, all the way to Book Ten.)

How much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing?

Lots! So much bounces around in my head from the music playlists to the characters’ voices and their environments. I envision their happy places whether it’s their bedroom, office, garden spot, or coffee shop. I develop whole pages about these characters and their world order before I set up a plot, drop them in the middle of it, then document what happens.

Do you hear from your readers much? What do they say?

It’s still early, so not much. Some like the crazy, nerdy quirkiness in massive quantities. Some not so much. It’s cool. Better for the readers to figure out how they feel about the series before investing too much of their time and energy.

What book is currently on your bedside table?

I have a kindle tablet full of ebooks and five feet away a shelf full of books. So on my tablet, I am currently reading Bride of the Crimson Queen by Keri Moore. But the latest print book that I’m reading is The Author Estate Handbook by M. L. Ronn.

Describe yourself in three words.

Quiet. Loyal. Daydreamer.

If your book was to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it?

So I’m weird in that I wouldn’t want any A-list actors. I want to see fresh faces, definitely actresses with Hellenic/Greek backgrounds, talent for comedic timing, and a genuine appreciation for all the arts, not just music.

What advice would you give to other authors?

That’s a very uncomfortable question for me because I’m still looking for advice. I guess the best I got is… Beta readers and editors are awesome, but remember the author has the last word.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

The series When Muses Misbehave has an ensemble cast, aka multiple point of view and I tend to write long chapters. Can’t help it. That’s how my brain works. While there are romantic pairings being set up in Book One, Deal with Cupid reads more like a Galentine urban fantasy featuring more on the sisters of inspiration and how they survive and support each other, despite their differences.


Thank you L.W. Lowe for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her book, Deal With Cupid today!


Sisters. Inspirations. Legends. Meet… The Muses.In between juggling their own dramas and romances, the nine sisters are paid to motivate souls and reignite passions. But never before have they faced a job like this. Hedone, The Goddess of Pleasure, hires the sisters to save the marriage of her parents, Eros and Psyche. Yet one misstep could provoke the wrath of Aphrodite. Join the Muses as they figure out how to clean up Cupid’s mess without causing one of their own!The first book has a cliffhanger ending and the entire series is intended for readers age 18+.

LW Lowe is the author of the mythic fantasy series When Muses Misbehave.

As a kid, she consumed all kinds of sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal entertainment from books to movies. Then she was gifted a dog-eared copy of The Return of Rafe Mackade, and romance had a new superfan. She currently lives in central Ohio with her husband, wrangling five kids, a cowardly guard dog, and two cats, one named Fluffy Evil and the other Vicious Little Panther. She wishes Eureka’s Global Dynamics was real, thinks Red Dwarf deserves all the fancy-schmancy awards provided they’re presented at a wine bar, and prefers her coffee with hot chocolate bombs.


The Sister-in-Law: A Novel by Pamela Crane – My Review

Title: The Sister-in-Law: A Novel

Author: Pamela Crane

Release Date: August 10th 2021

Genre: Domestic Thrillers

From the USA Today bestselling author of Little Deadly Secrets comes a gripping story about the frailty of family and a battle of wills between a wife and a sister-in-law, bent on revenge.

She stole my husband. So I’d steal her life.

The Wife
Lane won Candace’s heart over chocolate martinis and karaoke. But weeks into their whirlwind marriage, Candace realized Lane came with burdensome baggage in the form of his possessive live-in sister and her eerily watchful six-year-old son. Lane had a secret that seemed to hold him hostage, and Candace would do anything to uncover it.

The Sister-in-Law
Harper was the kind of woman who cooked homemade meals and dusted under the furniture. It was the least she could do for her brother after her husband’s mysterious death, and Lane took her and her kids in. Then Candace showed up like a tornado passing through, threatening and destructive. But Harper had other plans for her new “sister,” plans Lane could never find out about.

The Husband
All Lane had ever wanted was a white-picket-fence life. The wife. The two-point-five kids. The happy little family. Everything seemed to be falling into place with Candace … until Harper’s jealous streak got in the way, again. But choosing between his sister and wife would be costly … and knowing Harper, the price would be blood.

I really needed to reflect after finishing this book. I was trying to sort how I felt about it. I’ll start with the issues I had. The characters, none of them likable. While some of them had experiences I could relate it, I found it hard to connect and even feel for any of them. The back and forth between certain characters was exhausting. I felt like jumping in there and putting them in a time out. I have mixed feelings on the twist. I saw it coming and then hoped I was wrong. I felt like it could have been executed a bit better but I didn’t hate it.

The story is entertaining. Some of the flashbacks gave me insight to certain characters. The writing is good. The author was able to bring out some strong emotions from me. Mostly anger and sadness because.…you’ll have to read the book to find out. I did like that she was able to do that.

As a whole, this book is a good read. Like I mentioned before, it was entertaining. While some of the back and forth made me cringe, I kept reading because I wanted more. I had to see it through to the end. If you’re a fan of thrillers, check this one out. I give this 3 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*