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The Perfect Bachelor: A Small Town Workplace Romance (The Perfect Man Book 4) by Lynn Dare – New Release

The Perfect Bachelor: A Small Town Workplace Romance (The Perfect Man Book 4) by Lynn Dare is now available!


Welcome to Cape Kismet, where the neighbors are nosy, the bookstores offer an escape, and epic romances abound.

A little change? Try a whole new life.

I thought I was moving to a sleepy little town where nothing interesting happens. Taking on the care of my teenage brother wasn’t in the plans. Neither was getting into an argument with the charming man at the bookstore my first week in town. We fought, we fell—physically, not figuratively—we left. End of story.
Or, it should have been.
When I show up to a job interview, I’m ready to prove I’m good at what I do, to be taken seriously as a professional woman.
Then he’s there. The man from the bookstore. Greyson Amore.
Game over, right? It would have been if he didn’t want to hire me. And I needed the job. I could do this. I could keep my distance, ignore Grey’s disarming smile, and work for him.
Somewhere along the way, lost in a world of pranks with plants and potatoes, delicious tacos, and a restaurant with a ridiculous legend I forget what we’re supposed to be to each other. I forget to be annoyed, to deny him my smiles and friendship.
But there’s a reason this town calls him the perfect bachelor.
I was warned, urged to stay away.
Too bad I’ve always hated being told what to do.

The Perfect Bachelor is book four in the Perfect Man romantic comedy series. Dive in for plenty of swoons, lots of laughs, and a guaranteed HEA ending.


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