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Page To Screen – Back with Another One

Hello everyone! I am back with some more Page to Screen thoughts. This is a short one. I am working on getting through a show right now and I’ll be back with more!

First up, Lost Girls by Robert Kolker

Prior to reading the book, I was familiar with the cases as I had seen some crime shows that featured those particular cases. The book was well written. It mainly focused on the women and how they grew up. The different choices and paths they each took. The author did a great job in really showing us who these women were. They were more than just call girls. There wasn’t a lot of police work or insight to the case. I believe because it’s still an ongoing case. I really enjoyed the book.

I watched the movie on Netflix, which focused on Shannan Gilbert rather than each woman. Mari Gilbert is portrayed differently from the book. I didn’t care too much for her because of her actions in the book. I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I thought I would. It’s hard to pinpoint why the movie didn’t do it for me.


Next, Dare Me by Megan Abbott

I actually saw a preview for the show before I knew it was based on a book. I got the book and in I went. The book has a dark vibe to it which I really dug. It wasn’t enough to make it a great read. To me, the book was overshadowed by bratty entitled cheerleaders. Teens with too much time on their hands. I struggled a little bit getting through the book. It was an okay read. Maybe I am not the target audience.

The show is SO much better. Yes there is still entitled cheerleaders but the show offers more. The dark vibe is there. LOVE IT! Beth, isn’t annoying as she is in the book. In fact, she’s the most likable character on the show for me. I was surprised at how annoying Addy is. She wasn’t in the book. Again these are my own thoughts. It looks like there will be a season two and I will be there for it.


That’s it for this edition of Page to Screen! I hope you liked it or it helped you decide your next read.

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