The Suicide King by Vanessa Marie – My Review

Release Date: July 30th 2019

Genre: Psychological Fiction


Jason King thought suicide was the only answer.
He couldn’t take it anymore.
The inner demons were winning and he was ready to surrender.
As far as he was concerned no one would care.
Everyone would be better off.
No one would notice he was gone.
Little did he know how wrong he was.
His actions had consequences.
The reach went further than he could have imagined.
Only his suffering didn’t end.
Stuck in purgatory Jason is forced to walk a new path.
One that shows him how his suicide affected all those involved.
Even the ones he never thought would care.
The ones he never knew it would reach.
In this Scrooged like tale, Jason King will visit all of those who mourn him.
He finds out a little too late how wrong he was about everything.

Trigger Warning: This book contains heavy subject material that may be triggers for some readers.
It contains graphic scenes and covers topics like suicide, abuse, the loss of a child, funerals, and more.
Read at your own risk.

~My Review~

This is a unique twist on life after death. Often times we don’t know the impact we’ve had on people or the effects of our actions and choices. In this book’s afterlife, we do. We see it all. Nothing is sugar coated. I appreciated that. This is a different book than what I’ve read previously from this author. I enjoyed it and I’m also glad the author took this kind of approach. Some parts are raw and there is def some feels. The subject of the book is of a sensitive nature. However, I feel it needs to be talked about. Maybe it will help someone who is in need. I give this 4 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*


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