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(Resplendence #1)


Bella J

is  FREE on Amazon!!!

~ Limited Time only ~


Juliette had never felt so torn in her life. Torn between two men.

The man she has loved almost her entire life, and her desire for a man she hardly knew.


She knew the difference between right and wrong. Wanting him was every kind of wrong imaginable, and no matter how hard she tried she could not justify her desire for him. So the answer was simple.


There was no doubt about what the right thing was for her to do. The only problem is, he’ s not letting her go that easily.



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Ruin - Free 2



With a move of his hand, he brushed over the swell of her breast. Both of them moaned at the same time as their need exploded to new dangerous, uncontrollable heights. His lips were moist and warm, and his kiss was hard and heady. It woke feelings inside her she never knew existed. It was carnal desire in its purest form, something she had never experienced before. The way he kissed her, the way he touched her, and the way she reciprocated with the same amount of heat. It was passionate, it was amorous, and it was…disastrous.

“Knox…” she managed to whisper while he continued to ravish the skin below her ear.

“Don’t,” he said breathlessly. “Don’t you dare fucking say it.” Kissing his way up her neck, he stopped, and his lips hovered over hers. The warmth of his breath moved across her lips, and she shivered.

“Don’t you dare tell me to stop, Duchess, because there is no way in hell I would be able to.”


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Ruin - Teaser 5

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