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Title: Holidays With The Horde (Wheels & Hogs Book 4)

Author: D.M. Earl

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 21, 2016



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Holidays with the Horde

Now that your holidays are over, and all the decorations are put safely away, let’s take a look at how the Horde spent their holidays.

Join Fern and Gabriel for Thanksgiving as they host a feast for the Horde and their friends. The Murphy’s table holds not only the Horde, but bikers, friends, and the biggest blessing in their lives the children. But be prepared. Not everyone is grateful for what they have.

Wolf opens his home and heart for Christmas Eve dinner, showing a side of himself that up until now, he has kept hidden. Once again, the Horde and friends come together. Let’s see what, or more importantly, who, meets under the mistletoe for that Christmas Eve kiss.


Christmas Day finds everyone at Des’ house, to experience their holiday in the woods. As everyone is enjoying each other’s company, who should appear with a sled led by deer? That’s right, it’s Santa Claus, with a bag full of gifts for everyone.

Finally, on New Year’s Eve, Cadence makes one of Trinity’s dreams come true. With stars in the sky, and snow on the ground, celebrate with the Horde, as Cadence once again wears his heart on his sleeve.

Enjoy this Ride the Horde calls Life, and see what is coming next for the Wheels & Hogs family.

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It’s later in the evening, and I stand in the doorway off the kitchen, watching everything going on in my home. This is what the holidays are all about—family, friends, and children excited about Santa, who will bring them presents.

All the women are in the kitchen, getting everything ready. The phenomenal smells hit my senses, making my head swim. Between dinner, desserts, warm apple cider and eggnog with cinnamon, all those scents makes my stomach clench, letting me know how hungry I actually am.

“Uncle Woof, look at me! I’m under da mistletoe, but no one is kissing me. Why?” little Emma screeches. Moving quickly and quietly, I grab the little girl from behind, and give her a huge kiss on her pink little cheek. She starts to laugh, then wraps her hand around my neck to grab my braid, and holding onto it for dear life. She lifts up in my arms and gives me a kiss on my cheek.

“Uncle Woof! We are now married. We kissed each udder.”

“Emma, Uncle Wolf kissed Auntie Willow first, so he would be married to her. He can’t marry two girls at the same time, and he would fit better with her because they’re both old,” Charlie adds with a huge smile, making everyone laugh.

“I’ll have you know, Charlie, that I’m not old, just older than you,” Willow replies with a smile.

“Auntie Willow, you’re the prettiest one here and I would marry you. Wanna kiss me?”

“Charlie, I would, but there’s some lucky girl out there, who’ll someday want to be your wife. So to keep you from breaking my heart in the future, let’s stay friends, if that’s okay with you?”

“Okay, Auntie Willow.” Charlie heads towards the counter and grabs some snacks.

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About The Author


D.M. Earl lives in Northwest Indiana. She is an avid reader and will devour a book usually in a day. She reads anything from romance, contemporary, erotica and dark reads.

She also loves to ride her Harley next to her hubby. Also D.M. likes being outdoors either working in in the mud on her flower beds or garden or just hanging with her 10 four legged fur “kids.”

Connelly’s Horde is her first published work released July 3, 2014. This is a Novella in her series Wheels & Hogs. Cadence Reflection Book 2 released on November 21, 2014. Gabriel’s Treasure Book 3 in the series released on July 6, 2015. Book 4 is in the works hoping to release in Winter 2016. D.M. has already thought out Books 5 thru 8 so lots more coming from the Horde.

D.M. then started a second series, The Journals Trilogy which is a dark read filled with suspense and drama. Anguish #One released on May 11, 2015. Vengeance #Two releases on December 20, 2015. The final Book #Three will release also sometime in Winter of 2016.

Please check out her Author pages at:

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The Wheels And Hogs Series

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