**Cover Reveal for Still Here by Laura Belle Peters and Kaylee Song**

I signed up for ten dates, not nine months. A baby was never part of the plan.
When Wyatt Graves offers my family fifty-thousand dollars extra to buy a plot of land I can’t say no, even after I hear the catch. Ten dates, no strings, no sex, no promises. Sounds easy, right?
Nothing is easy when he’s involved.
I should’ve said no. I should’ve run far away. But it’s impossible to say no to a man like Wyatt…
He’s an impossible man, a playboy, and the heir to a billionaire fortune. And he always gets what he wants.
Except for the little part where he got me pregnant.
Each date brings me closer to a big pay out, but can I keep the baby a secret for that long?
Will he still be there when I finally tell him?

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