**1K Giveaway**

•☆•☆•☆• 1k GIVEAWAY •☆•☆•☆•

Thank you so much for all the love you’ve given me. My page has surpassed 1000 likes! Some amazing authors have donated their books in honor of me hitting this milestone and I’m extremely grateful for their generosity.

Check out this awesome list: Fill in list of authors and books:

E book of choice ($5 max) by The British Book Addicts, Blog
Anything Goes on a Friday Night by Sara Daniell (author)
Not The One by Amy Daws
Pointe of Breaking by Amy Daws and Sarah J. Pepper – Author
Walking Heartbreak By Sunniva Dee
Stitch by Author L Wilder
Sojourn by Tara Dawn
Snap by Tara Dawn
Taint by Tara Dawn
Out of the Dark Forbidden Love Book One by Danielle James, Author
Savior: Keepers of Hell Book 1 by Danielle James
Center Ring by Author Desiree Deorto
Playing by The Rules by Emily Robertson – Author
My Salvation by Michelle Dare, Author
Tied by L.J. Shen
The Unknown by Lara Henley-Author
The Angel Inside by Write For Your Life – Author Rae Ford
Cold Burn by Author Rae Ford
Delusive and The Sect by Courtney Lane, Author
The Afflicted Series by Author Ravin Tija Maurice
Innuendos by V. Kelly Author
Beast by Author Kim Faulks
The Panther’s Legacy by Vivienne Savage
180 Days (Prairie Town) by T. E. Ridener-Author
120 days…by M. Stratton – Author
Cardinal by Sara Mack
Illusions by Kacey Hammell
As Angels Weep-Supernatural Penance by Kali Willows
Pangalax by SM Koz
The Scene by Author R. M. Gilmore
Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre


This is how it will work. ONE person will win every single ebook donated. Yes you heard me right. You could win every single book. Pretty freaking awesome, huh? There are 31 ebooks up for grabs and they could all be yours. Go to the link below and enter to win. Giveaway ends February 14 so you better get to entering.

* Facebook has nothing to do with this giveaway, it’s all on me. Authors will send out all books to the winner, so please give them time to send them.*



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