Taken: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 3) by Rebecca Rivard – My Review

Title: Taken: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 3)

Author: Rebecca Rivard

Release Date: February 4th 2022

Genre: Vampire Romance, Paranormal

*The hot new vampire mafia romance series from USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard*

The Dark Angel Trilogy concludes with Zaq and Ridley’s story.


Vampires killed my mother and sent me on the run. Now I’m the mysterious slayer known as Reaper.

I have one mission. Wipe vampires and their half-human cousins, the dhampir, from the face of the earth.

My current target? Zaq Kral, one of the famous—and inhumanly beautiful—Dark Angels.


I may be a Kral Vampire Syndicate prince, but I never asked for this life. Still, I play the game when my vampire father requires it.

Until the day another syndicate captures me with Reaper’s help. Vampires chain me to a wall with silver cuffs and feed from me. The silver eats through my skin—and poisons my soul. When I finally get free, the people behind this will pay.

Starting with Reaper.

What a wild ride this book was! 

Betrayal, loss, and secrets is how Zaq is living his life. There’s someone out to get him and his family. He has to figure out what is truth and who he can trust. I felt like I traveled the world along side the characters. Lots of action to keep me on my toes! Nothing is what it seems and I was there for it. I wasn’t too sure about Ridley but by the end I was all for her. Speaking of endings, all I have to say is wow. 

Phenomenal storytelling and wonderful writing makes this book one fantastic read. This whole series is a MUST READ! If you like your vampires with a bite, these books are for you! I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

Author Spotlight · Interview with an Author

Interview with an Author featuring Faith Marlow

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is Faith Marlow! Her debut book, Being Mrs. Dracula (Being Mrs. Dracula Series Book 1) released on February 12th 2021.

How long have you been writing?

I first began writing in the fifth grade but I have been writing professionally since 2013.

Describe a typical writing day.

Typically for me, I do as much researching and note taking as I do writing. While I do plan ahead and often (not always) outline the story before I start, I end up doing a lot of web surfing and reading while I write. Very often, my books are set in specific historical times, such as Medieval Europe, an ancient Mediterranean island, or New York City in the Roaring 20’s. I feel that obligates me to be as historically accurate as possible when setting the scene and still write stories about vampires and other mythical beings.

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Inspiration comes from so many places. I wrote Being Mrs. Dracula because I wanted to know more about the Brides of Dracula and couldn’t find a book that had been written about them. The story of Medusa always seemed cruel and unfair, so I wanted to emphasize that she was first and foremost a victim and not just a mindless creature for the hero to slay. I also wanted to bring her happiness. I have a soft spot for characters that would be considered monsters, like vampires, Medusa, ghosts, etc. and enjoy examining their human aspects- and how their existence reflects us as humans.

My short story in Unbreakable Ink, Based on a True story, was based on a dream. My psychological horror “Couples Therapy” (which is currently unavailable as I rework and improve the story) was also based on a dream.

Do you have a favorite character that you have written? If so, who? And what makes them so special.

Valeria from Being Mrs. Dracula will always be my favorite. She is the main character of my first published book and we share a lot of personality traits, some good and some that could use some improvement. We are working on this together!

How do you deal with the emotional impact of a book (on yourself) as you are writing the story?

Many of my stories involve heavy subject matter. Being Mrs. Dracula was very emotional to write because I wanted the readers to empathize with these women, so I had to process a wide range of emotions writing them. While I may not have experienced such things first hand in my own life, ruminating on how it would feel to experience them can still be very heavy. We as authors become very attached to our characters and sometimes we have to put them through terrible events, or even write them out of the story. We mourn those characters misfortunes and deaths just like readers do. 

       Sometimes you just have to take breaks from certain stories. I am currently writing my next Scorned Women book and some of the subject matter became very heavy and was wearing on me, so I had to sit it down and start working on another project for a while.

What book is currently on your bedside table?

I don’t keep my Kindle on my beside table because my tiny panther Teddy will step on it, but I just read a Beta copy version of Carmilla Voiez’s work in progress and adored it! I can’t wait to see the finished version. I also have Rue Volley’s latest “The End of August, book 2” queued up next.

When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

With a series, I think it is important to have an overall goal and purpose for the series but you also need clear goals to accomplish in each book of the series. Making them all work together is what makes a series fun to write, even if the reader doesn’t know where the goal posts are at for the end of the series when they are reading the first book. In my Being Mrs Dracula series, I think the main goal is for Valeria to have a life beyond that of her association with Dracula, to step out of his shadow once and for all. We see how she is ultimately going to accomplish this (or at least she thinks) by the end of book three, Being Dracula’s Heir.

The Scorned Women series is a bit different. Each book in the series is about a different woman but united by an overall theme. Each woman in the series has been done wrong and deserves to have a second chance or a more to her story than she had the first time.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Restless. Loyal. Curious.

What advice would you give to other authors?

Write the story you are afraid to write. Tell the story the way you know it needs to be told. You will always be pleased with your finished project if you are true to yourself. Your authenticity and dedication will show in your work.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

The first thing I would like people to know, before they even open the book, is that I have done my absolute best to make the story the best I can on publishing day. I have devoted hours (which adds up to months or more for longer stories), to produce quality work and I hope that everyone who reads them finds something they can enjoy about them. I know it’s impossible to please everyone, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

I would also want them to know that the gift of their time is not lost on me, and I appreciate that they have chosen to spend some of that time with books I have written. I am very thankful that I am able to tell people stories that they enjoy. I appreciate their reviews, words of encouragement, and sharing my work with others more than they will ever know.


Thank you Faith Marlow for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her series, Being Mrs. Dracula today!


When Valeria Karjan’s hand was given in marriage to the handsome and powerful Count Vlad Dracula, she dreamed of happiness but, instead, her life was filled with longing for her absent husband, their country ravaged by war.

When Vlad a last returned from the battlefield, he was a changed man, an alluring and dangerous creature with a thirst for her blood… and more wives.

Discover their stories, their secrets, and find out what it would be to love and be loved by history’s most powerful vampire.

In a marriage that spans centuries, one man shared by three women, love may be eternal but happiness is not guaranteed.

Faith Marlow is a USA Today best selling author of dark fantasy/ paranormal/ horror. Her stories stir emotions and explore the thin veil between human and the inhuman. Dark, yet inviting and familiar, Faith seeks to deliver chills with a sense of class, and sometimes a bit of heat. With each story, she hopes to build exposure for fellow women authors and artists who create horror.

Her debut, “Being Mrs. Dracula”, chronicles the lives of Count Dracula’s three beautiful, yet very different wives, Valeria, Ilona, and Fleur. The story continues with “Being Dracula’s Widow” and the third installment of the series “Being Dracula’s Heir”. The fourth book is currently in development.

Faith’s “Scorned Women” series launched in 2020 with its first book, a retelling of the story of Medusa. Each book in this series will focus on a different woman in and seek to give them a second chance. She most recently co-wrote and published a Southern Gothic horror novel, “Our Fearful Roots”, with Carmilla Voiez.

Faith is also proud to be featured in multiple short story anthologies. When she isn’t writing or reading, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching a horror movie, sculpting with polymer clay, or entertaining her house panther, Teddy. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, Scottie, and son, Avery.

Tiktok @authorfaithmarlow

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Craved: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 2) by Rebecca Rivard – My Review

Title: Craved: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 2)

Author: Rebecca Rivard

Release Date: June 3rd 2021

Genre: Paranormal Vampire Romance


He’s the forbidden craving I have to taste…

A hot new vampire mafia romance series from USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard

“Secrets, sex, lies, betrayal and a love story–everything I could want in a paranormal romance… I love this series and the characters and I just wish there were more brothers so the stories would go on.“~Paranormal Romance Guild (5 stars)

They call us the Dark Angels: Gabriel, Zaquiel and Rafael.
We’re brothers. Princes. Billionaires.
The richer-than-sin heirs to one of the world’s most powerful vampires.
But we’re not vampires, we’re dhampirs.
Half-human, half-vampire, with panty-melting good looks.
The media love us.
Vampires hate us.
And Slayers, Inc. will do anything to take us down.

The series continues with Rafe and Zoe’s story!
CRAVED (Book 2)

I’m in Montreal to discover what vampire Zoe Tremblay, a.k.a. the Ice Princess, knows about my brother’s kidnapping.
Not to finish what I started with Zoe two years ago.
Not to find out why she deceived me and allowed her mother’s enforcers to beat me bloody.
And definitely not to reignite the blood feud between our covens.

Rafe Kral, the cocky, bad-boy son of my mother’s most hated enemy, was the forbidden craving I had to taste. But our Romeo-and-Juliet romance was doomed to crash and burn. Now Rafe’s back, and he needs my help to save his kidnapped brother—and maybe himself.
Because the Kral brothers are being hunted by an unknown assassin.
Help Rafe, and I can kiss goodbye any chance of moving up in my mother’s vampire syndicate. But if I don’t do anything, Rafe will be the next Kral who disappears.
And this time, I’ll lose him forever.

A steamy second-chance, Romeo-and-Juliet paranormal romance.

I was waiting not so patiently for Rafe and Zoe’s story!

I was not disappointed. Right from the start we are on an adventure. Whisked away to Canada and then Paris. The suspense and danger is building, giving me chills. I found myself rapidly turning pages. I needed to know what’s was next! I needed to know how it would end!

The heat between Rafe and Zoe is off the charts! I really enjoyed their banter. They are definitely better together. Zoe had really grown by the end of the book. Rafe is all sexy. Definitely book boyfriend material! Le sigh.

This whole book was a fabulous ride. From beginning to end, I was captivated. It also gave me a major book hangover. I knew it was coming as it happens with all of Rebecca Rivard’s books. I highly anticipate the next one! If you enjoy paranormal romance, this series is for YOU! I give this 5 stars!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

New Release

After I Run (Immortal Billionaires Book 3): A Billionaire Romance by Melissa Sercia – New Release

After I Run (Immortal Billionaires Book 3): A Billionaire Romance is now available!


The truth can set you free but sometimes fate has other plans…



Clever. Thief. Liar

This was supposed to be the last job. The big score. If only I’d known that hacking into Cassius Reed’s account would spin my life into chaos. All I wanted was a big payday and the resources to find my birth parents. Now I was Cassius’s prisoner and I had information he wanted. To make matters worse, he was sexy as hell. Just one look into his eyes and I was tempted to spill all my secrets. But the man I worked for was even more dangerous than Cassius and if I snitched, there would be two immortals that wanted to punish me.


Immortal. Billionaire. Werewolf

All I wanted to do was find the hacker and ruin them. But I wasn’t expecting her. Harley is smart, beautiful, and full of secrets. I’m an alpha without a mate and I swore I’d never fall in love again but I’m drawn to her. She awakens a part of me that has long been buried. I should find out who she’s working for but all I can think about is how badly I want to claim her. And when pieces of her past start to intersect with mine, I know I can’t let her out of my sight.

When Cassius and Harley’s worlds collide, their connection is undeniable but it sets them on a path full of secrets, lies, and ancient wounds. Harley must make a choice, give up the dangerous man she’s working for and trust the one who holds her captive, or run far away from both of them before their feud ends her life. But when Cassius sees a side to her that could change everything, he must figure out how to convince her to stop running. Because the only thing they have left to lose is their hearts.

When the lines of passion are blurred, can it ever become love? Or will it destroy them first?

AFTER I RUN is a standalone book in the Immortal Billionaires series, a steamy enemies to lovers paranormal romance with hot alpha shifters, a strong female heroine, and a HEA.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content and is meant for 18+ readers only.

Amazon –

Melissa Sercia is an award winning Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author with a passion for philosophy, mythology, and all things supernatural. She is the author of the Blood and Darkness series, Beautiful Dark Beasts series, and Immortal Billionaires series. Melissa lives in California with her man and her cat. When she’s not building dark fantasy worlds and slaying demons, you can find her in the kitchen cooking with a glass of wine in her hand.

Author Spotlight · Interview with an Author · New Release

Interview with an Author Featuring J.R. Walden

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is J.R. Walden! Her co-authored debut novelRose Bound: The Rose and King series Book 1 released on February 14th.

Congrats on your newest release! Tell me a bit about your book?

This co-authored book is a mix of crime and supernatural. You get to take a journey of self discovery with a damaged vampire prince to learn who murdered his parents and how he played a role in it. Mob bosses and wolf fighting. Lust and love. I think this book has a bit of it all. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I READ! And watch tv show. If I can visualize but verbalize I draw the scene or character.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I started writing when I was very very young. I’ve always loved it!

What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

Early on Twilight and Harry Potter we’re big influences. But I’d say I began writing before I had even discover my love of reading.

If your book was to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it?

Oh Lordy. Ian (Damon from VD) would have to be someone! Hmm I’d say Chris Hemsworth would be an amazing Ollie! Voice and all. For Gavin I envision someone like Christian Grey from the movies. 

What is the best part of your day?

Whenever I get a pic of someone who has enjoyed our book baby! It’s always a highlight.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Artistic, shy, animal lover

What are you reading now?

I’m currently listening to The Bone Witch. I’m enjoying it so far!

What advice would you give to other authors?

Keep going! Don’t let your doubts or reservations keep your words from the page. I almost did.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

My books come from my heart. Every character and every scene is felt and thought over countless times. I want my readers to feel with the characters. To me, that’s good writing. 

Thank you J.R. Walden for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her newest release, Rose Bound today!


Ousted for being a human sympathizer, Prince Gavin has found himself in the belly of the Underground, a world where ghouls rule and werewolves fight to the death.

After learning of his parent’s murder, Gavin is called upon to endure the Rose Bound ceremony and claim his covens throne with a wife.

Forces are rallying against him, some closer to home than he anticipates. Finding a murderer, leading a coup and himself, proves to be a journey that will change his kingdom forever.

But, when Gavin’s soulmate goes missing, none of that matters. Nothing will stand in his way to find her, not even his own demons.

Wolves, fae, vampires and witches are only a few of J.R.’s favorite things. She also enjoys riding horses, beach trips, and spending time with her husband and fur babies.



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After I Fall (Immortal Billionaire Book 1) by Melissa Sercia – My Review

Title: After I Fall (Immortal Billionaire Book 1)

Author: Melissa Sercia

Release Date: October 27th 2020

Genre: Vampire Romances

A darkness is coming for her heart, but it might be the only thing that can set her free…


I have nothing left. The man I thought I’d spend forever with is gone and I’m alone…until I meet him. Ozi. My new boss. He’s sexy, mysterious, and owns me with just one look. But he’s used to getting what he wants. And that makes him dangerous.

I’m rich, immortal, and alone. And I like it that way. Until I meet her. I should stay away from Raven. But I can’t. Every time she’s near, I want to taste her blood in my veins and feel her body in my bed. I want to own her and destroy her. To break her and then put her back together with my bare hands. But I know I will be the one broken in the end.

Raven and Ozi have sworn off love, but when their paths cross, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Drawn to each other’s dark sides, they can’t seem to stay away. But when Ozi’s ex comes back into town to settle an old score, the odds shift and the danger becomes real, pitting Raven in the middle. Now Ozi must decide what he’s willing to risk to protect Raven from the threat of his past coming back to haunt him. Her safety or his heart.

When lust turns into obsession, can it ever become love?

This is a standalone book in the Immortal Billionaires series.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content and is meant for 18+ readers only

This book hooked its fangs into me and didn’t let go till the end! A fangtastic ride! I loved both Raven and Ozi. Raven was relatable and I love how vulnerable she is at times and very human with a good heart. At first Ozi came across very cocky but he started to show a different side to him and I think I have a new book boyfriend! Their chemistry was off the charts. I was totally entertained and engaged through the whole book. Those twists!! Oh my were they good! 

I am hoping there’s more to come because there are some characters I am curious to know more about. If you’re a Vampire lover like myself, you need to add this book to your TBR! Actually, move it up and read it today! You won’t be disappointed! I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

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Pursued: A Vampire Syndicate Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 1) by Rebecca Rivard – My Review


Title: Pursued: A Vampire Syndicate Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 1)

Author: Rebecca Rivard

Release Date: October 1st 2020

Genre: Vampire Romance, Fantasy


Twilight meets 365 Days in this hot new paranormal romance series from USA Todaybestselling author Rebecca Rivard!

They call us the Dark Angels: Gabriel, Zaquiel and Rafael.
We’re brothers. Princes. Billionaires.
The richer-than-sin heirs to one of the world’s most powerful vampires.
But we’re not vampires, we’re dhampirs. Half-human, half-vampire, with panty-melting good looks.
The media love us.
Vampires hate us.
And Slayers, Inc. will do anything to take us down.


I knew Gabriel was dangerous, the eldest son and heir to a Syndicate Primus. You think a Mafia don is scary? You should meet Gabriel’s father.
But I thought I could play with fire without being burned.
Now I’m on the run from the Syndicate. Hungry, alone. Not knowing who to trust.
Until the night the vampires hunt me down…

I let Mila run from me once. Now she’s back—right when all hell breaks loose in the Syndicate.
Yeah, I’m suspicious. I know she’s keeping secrets from me.
But this time, I have the upper hand.
Mila’s mine now.
Bound to me by a blood oath that only I can break.
I’ll never let her leave.

A steamy second-chance, forbidden lovers paranormal romance.

Three powerful brothers and the women they’ll do anything to have…

The exciting new vampire mafia romance series from PRISM award-winning author Rebecca Rivard.

Unputdownable! Sizzling! Sexy!

Right from the start, I was captivated. I devoured this book in one sitting! The story made it impossible to put it down. I was hooked! Who needs sleep? The pacing is good. The story is entertaining with lots of action and suspense. Great world building by Miss Rivard. She definitely keeps you on your toes! Oh my those sexy scenes… about hotness! *fans self* Gabriel is sexy as sin and totally had me crushing on him. I truly liked Mila. She’s a strong woman who has been through a lot but continues to fight. 

From beginning to end, this story will grab you and not let go until the end. You’re in for one heck of a book hangover! I highly anticipate the next book! I give this 5 stars. 

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*