Cocktail Confessions :Miss-Adventures and Margaritas: Episode 1 by Katy Rose – My Review

Title: Cocktail Confessions :Miss-Adventures and Margaritas: Episode 1

Author: Katy Rose

Release Date: January 3rd 2020

Genre: Humorous Fiction


Four friends get together at their fifteen year high school reunion. After too many Margaritas a hilarious plan ensues. Follow these four are they go through with their plan. Laugh along as everything that could go wrong, does! Specifically written for the busy woman to have a good laugh!

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This short read is definitely a guilty pleasure one that will have you laughing and wanting more! 

It all started with a challenge and now it’s game on for this group of friends. I thoroughly enjoy this book and can’t wait for more! I give this 5 stars.

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Unseen Trials: An Unseen Factions Novel

By Katy Rose & A.G. Belle


**A reaper, a warlock, a titan, a vampire, and a shifter walk into an arena….
No this isn’t a joke it is my life as of last night.**
For over a century I had been fine with just existing, however fate had other plans….
Now I am headed on a mission to complete my family’s legacy. Compete in the Unseen Trials and become a Faction Authority. Sounds simple enough. Until feelings and mates get involved. Will we learn to work together to accomplish our tasks and ride to glory, or fall and lose everything? Only one way to find out….
All love goes through trials…

UNSEEN TRIALS is an 65,000+ in length Reaper Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy Romance with some steamy scenes. This book deals has adult sexual scenes and language. Recommended for 18+ Audiences.

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Volpe: Book One

By Katy Rose


What if you could make a list of all the bad people in your life, and then take them out one by bloody one?

When someone hurts your family you hurt them. It is a pretty easy concept right? He hurt my sister, my twin. I killed him. But, oh our story doesn’t end there. It couldn’t be that simple. Together Kora and I go through the list checking off names, permanently. I’m Kaleb Volpe, and in my world only one thing matters.

Volpe matter. Volpe above all else.