Whom the Fury Rolls: a paranormal shifter romance (Syn City Shifters Book 2) by Luna Joya – My Review

Title: For Whom the Fury Rolls: a paranormal shifter romance (Syn City Shifters Book 2)

Author: Luna Joya

Release Date: April 9th 2023

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

We’re fated mates with a love so strong that I refuse to let death keep us apart.

When my mate Kiva died, I bargained away everything to a mysterious supernatural. She brought my mate back to life with a curse that would forbid her to remember me, to remember us. The spell can only be broken by true love’s kiss. Not the easiest task when it took me seven proposals to convince my fated mate to say yes the first time.

Two years later, I find her living as the mortal daughter of the mythological Furies. An amnesiac, Kiva doesn’t remember me, my bear shifter clan, or how she died, but I’m here to remind her no matter what it takes.

Except someone in Syn City is out to end her life permanently and steal her away from me forever. No way am I letting that happen.

A Steamy Second Chance Romance with a Murder Mystery, a Bear Shifter Determined to Win Back His Lost Love, a Warrior with Amnesia, and Roller Derby

There are two things that are certain will happen when reading a Luna Joya book. One, you’ll get an amazing story with an ending you won’t see coming. Two, her ability to make you ugly cry is top notch. Seriously. I already have tissues near me before I start any book of hers.

Ah Kiva and Stone. Their story touched my heart. Their story is paved with pain, regret, and ultimately revenge. Right from the start I was rooting for them. Their story got me right in my feels! The twists she threw in were awesome. I loved every minute I spent reading and crying.

If you haven’t checked out this or the first book in this series, what are you waiting for? Get them and binge read them today! You won’t be disappointed. I give this 5 stars!


Wicked Grace (The Wicked Book 3) by Luna Joya – My Review

Title: Wicked Grace (The Wicked Book 3)

Author: Luna Joya

Release Date: February 14th 2023

Genre: Paranormal Romance

He’s a grumpy demon prince. She’s a sunshine magical orphan who’s his fated mate and forbidden. But can he survive rejecting her?

Demon prince Alexei is ruthless in business and deadly in battle. The mafia boss will do anything to protect his family, even consider an arranged marriage with a royal he doesn’t love.

There’s just one problem.

When the grumpy hero rescues a sunshine princess locked away in a tower, he knows she’s his fated mate. She also seems to be a freakin’ forbidden angel. Like the villain he is, Alexei rejects her without saying why.

Despite her tortuous childhood, Jolene is determined to find her real family and win her grumpy prince. Come on—the man has wings! But loving her antihero makes him a target of her human enemies who are out to destroy all supernaturals.

These two opposites attract in all the wicked ways. But when supernatural children in Alexei’s hometown start disappearing, the two must work together, and Jolene will have to reveal that her sunshine-and-sparkles magic isn’t what it seems. Can they find their happily ever after or will their differences and enemies destroy them both?

From the first time he was introduced, I was intrigued. I wanted to know more about Alexei. Wicked Grace did not disappoint! There was much more to my demon prince.

The connection between Alexei and Joelle was magnetic. Their chemistry was fire. No matter what either did, they still came together. I could feel the struggle Alexei had. Within the story, there’s a lot of pain and healing with a huge side of vengeance. I was here for all of it. Did I cry? Yes. Did I cry a lot? Also yes.

The final book in The Wicked series was beyond awesome. Everything I wanted and more! I’m always amazed by Luna Joya’s writing. Her ability to take you from ugly crying to fanning yourself over those steamy scenes. It’s gift and she has it. I highly recommend this book and series. I give this 5 stars.

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Interview with an Author featuring Leslie Crowne

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is Leslie Crowne! Her debut, Ella’s Rise: A Fairy Tale Retelling (Fairy Tale Realm Series Book 1) released on May 2nd 2023.

How long have you been writing?

All my life, in one form or another! But I published my first novel in 2016.

Describe a typical writing day.

I work on Author business for the first few hours, and in the afternoon I write or edit, whichever is needed for the book I’m working on.

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Usually from threads on social media. Readers talk about what they like or are looking for, and that sparks plot bunnies for me.

What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

This is the debut of my new pen name, Leslie Crowne, so I hope Ella’s Rise brings interest for the Fairy Tale Realm series.

What gave you that push to press the publish button?

The desire to connect with readers.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

A highly organized dreamer!

What was the highlight of writing this book?

The world building. It’s a retelling of Cinderella, so the bones of the story are there, but it’s set in my invented magical kingdom, and has some fun twists.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with me?

Book 2, a Beauty and the Beast retell, will be released soon. I am working on Book 3, untitled at present.

What advice would you give to other authors?

Never give up! This business is always changing so there are opportunities everywhere. Keep growing and trying different things until you find your niche.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

They’re romantic, fun, and twisty, with a good bit of spice.

Thank you Leslie Crowne for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her newest release, Ella’s Rise today!


A forgotten princess, bent on vengeance. A reluctant prince, thrust into a role he never wanted. When fate brings them together, there is more at stake than either of them could imagine.

Ella’s Vow…

I was raised by a family of blacksmiths since my parents, the King and Queen of Sartoon, were killed in a coup. No one else in the kingdom knows my true identity. I may be the forgotten Princess, but once I get my revenge on the current royal family, everyone will know my name.

What I didn’t count on when I snuck into the palace was meeting Thal—he’s not what I imagined, or expected in a Prince. To avoid being arrested, I agree to his demands. But can I trust him, or is he like his despicable father, the King?
And why does my heart beat out of my chest when he’s near?

Thal’s Dilemma…

I wasn’t supposed to be the heir to the throne—I’m the second son. Now I’m being pressured to find a bride and secure the kingdom. When I catch Ella Briggs sneaking into the palace, we strike a bargain. She’ll be my decoy, so I can avoid having to dance with so many hopeful women at the upcoming ball.

But soon I’m embroiled in her plans, and falling for her. When she’s in my arms, nothing else matters. As we grow closer, the stakes get higher, for Ella has secrets that could ruin us both.

And she is not who she pretends to be.

Ella’s Rise is an Adult Fairy Tale Retelling of the timeless tale, Cinderella, with an unexpected twist.

When her mother told her to get her head out of the clouds, Leslie Crowne didn’t listen. Good thing, because her vivid imagination has allowed her to spin tales of enchanting worlds and epic love affairs. Going deep into each character’s heart and building worlds that enhance each story, Leslie delivers layered plots with satisfying twists.

In the real world, she lives near Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, three cats, and a turtle named Myrtle who rules the house. She’s an avid reader and so grateful to live a life centered around books.



Instagram- @lesliecrowne

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Interview with an Author featuring E.E. Hornburg

The Literary Vixen presents…

E.E. Hornburg is back and celebrating her new release, The Forest’s Keeper (The Cursed Queens Book 3) which released on March 21st 2023!

Congrats on your newest release! How’s release week been for you?

Thank you so much! It’s been so much fun this week seeing people share the book and get excited for this series! It’s great to find people discovering the series for the first time, but I love seeing the reactions and excitement of people who’ve been long time readers. I had a fantastic group of readers who were excited to help out with the release, and they remind me why I do this! It’s been fun for all of us to share in the joy.

Is this series completed or do you have more books planned?

We have one more book planned! There’s no title yet, but we’re planning to have it come out in about a year. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and star Finley and Ai. They’re two characters I introduced in The Shadow’s Heir and readers have been asking if they’ll be in the series more. The answer is yes! After that, we don’t have anything official planned. But I have a couple of ideas of where else this world can go that I’m excited to chat about with my editor to see if we want to continue. Even if I don’t though, I have a lot more books and worlds to explore!

What was the inspiration for creating The Cursed Queen series?

I’ve loved fairy tales my whole life and grew up watching Disney movies and reading the original Grimm fairy tales. My favorite musical is Into the Woods which is a mash-up and retelling of a bunch of fairy tales, so it was natural that I wrote retellings myself! The original “spark” of inspiration for these books was wondering what it would be like if the character of Snow White in both Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Snow White & Rose Red, were the same person. That’s how I came up with Eira and Rose. But then, I fell in love with building this magical world. One of my favorite historical fantasy series is His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers, and in those books she explores how in the medieval times many people were “dedicated” to specific saints (who actually were pagan gods and goddesses) and I found it fascinating how that shaped each character. I wanted to dig into that even more but in a whole other fantasy world, and loved coming up with all of the deities and the ways if a character was dedicated to them how that would influence magic and culture.

A lot has happened since the last time we chatted, catch us up on all your latest book news.

I know! My first interview with you was back in 2020 when my debut novel and the first book in The Cursed Queens came out, The Night’s Chosen. Since then, I published the second book, The Shadow’s Heir, which is a retelling of Cinderella. I started a Kindle Vella story called Ebenezer and Marley which is a new adult contemporary fantasy about the children of Santa Claus and Krampus. It’s not completed, but it’s not forgotten! I have ideas for it in the back of my head for that one, so I’m hoping to get the completed too. Now we have the third book, The Forest’s Keeper, which is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood!

What is your favorite Disney food or snack to get while visiting the magical kingdom?

Oooooohhhhhh that’s a good and tough question! Haha. Well, you can never go wrong with a classic Dole Whip or a bucket of popcorn! But on my last trip I did try the ice cream inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (very on brand, I know) over at Storybook Treats and loved the Bashful cone which was a chocolate and orange swirl!

Thank you E.E. Hornburg for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her newest release, The Forest’s Keeper today!


Rose never imagined sitting on a throne, but with her sister Eira still in the mountains warding off a curse, she’s stuck playing ruler.

All she wants is to track down the former queen Amelia and get Eira her crown back, so she can have a sword in hand again and explore the blossoming relationship with her best friend, Cal.

When a mysterious wolf shape-shifter tracks her down and reveals there’s trouble in the magical Eral Forest, Rose is confident the former queen Amelia is behind it. Armed with a set of ancient and enchanted weapons, she and Cal travel with him the wolf to seek out the sorceress and set things right.

But while on their quest, Rose and Cal are captured by a clan of ogres, determined to settle a years old grudge against Rose’s family. Discovering there’s more than sorceresses and ogres lurking in Eral who want revenge, their relationship is pushed to the limit.

The fate of Eral lies in Rose’s hands, will she be able to gain her freedom or forever be cursed by destiny?

Emily is an author of fantasy novels who has had a lifelong love affair with stories and the written word. She is the author of the fairy tale retellings series, The Cursed Queens, published with City Owl Press.

She’s a Chicago South-Sider, aunt to the best niece and nephew ever, expert at the fan-girl flail, a wheelchair “part-timer” with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Hufflepuff, coffee addict, and has a degree in youth and theatre ministry.

When not devouring or creating books, you can find Emily watching Gilmore Girls (for the 20th time), belting out showtunes, attending the latest con, brainstorming how she can go to Disney World (again), or figuring out how to make the perfect combination of chocolate and nachos.



Twitter: @eehornburg

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Locked Out of Heaven (Birth of the Fae Book 1) by Danielle M. Orsino – Book Tour

Locked Out of Heaven (Birth of the Fae Book 1) by Danielle M. Orsino is now available!


Ride on the backs of fire-breathing dragons with the Dark Fae and watch the Light Fae play in the shadows of primitive humanity as they build their magical world.

Abandoned by their creator, two factions of powerful angels remain on earth after the Great War with Lucifer. They struggle to comprehend their Creator’s plan while their angel wings, a symbol of their angelic lineage, slowly and painfully decay. With no hope of returning to the Shining Kingdom, two groups of angels denounce their angelic lineage and develop into separate factions – the Court of Light, led by Queen Aurora, a former Virtue Angel, and the Court of Dark, ruled by King Jarvok, a former Power Brigade Angel. The two monarchs have opposing views on how to govern their kin, but the one belief they agree on is that human worship equals power.

Birth of the Fae: Locked Out of Heaven is an epic-fantasy adventure of heartbreak, rebirth, and hope that examines the bonds of family, friendship, and love. It is a fantastic tale of good versus evil in a beautiful world, where the Light Fae and their potent elemental magick are tested by the raw power of the dragon-riding Dark Fae warriors.

They are their own beings and masters of their own destiny. They are the Fae.


Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Animation Competition 2022
Locked Out of Heaven made September’s Screen Crafts Red List For Fantasy Projects
From the Ashes Distinguished Favorite in Fantasy  From NYC Big Book Award 2022

Danielle M. Orsino is a fantasy novelist whose lifelong vision to create whimsical realms that her readers can escape to. Her compelling word-weaving pays homage to a multitude of personal muses, from Chris Claremont and George Pérez (both famous comic book writers), to Anne Rice and Wonder Woman.

The creative spark of storytelling has been with Danielle ever since she was a child, but martial arts and her nursing career took center stage into adulthood. Then, on a day like any other, it was reignited during the most unexpected of moments: while treating one of her patients. Seeing that they longed for a distraction during their arduous treatments, the floodgates of inspiration soon burst forth. So, Danielle took it upon herself to tell them a story; a fantastical narrative that would leave the confines of that IV room’s walls and land upon a page. Before she knew it, what started as an imaginative tale to pass the time, turned into book, followed by an entire series: The Birth of Fae. This awe-inspiring series includes Locked out of Heaven (Book One), Thine Eyes of Mercy (Book Two), and From The Ashes (Book Three), all of which are published by 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc. And with an unwavering passion for cosplay and comics, it was a unanimous decision to place her on the cover of each book in all her Fae cosplay glory. The Birth of Fae also features Los, an affable chameleon dragon inspired by her fun-loving Yorkie named Carlos.

When writing wasn’t at the forefront of her mind, Danielle was a successful Martial Artist. Some of her achievements include “1999 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee”, “Female Martial Artist of the Year”, “WKA World Champion Silver Medalist 2008”, and numerous more. She has also garnered hundreds of martial art tournament wins, various other national and world titles, and features on big-name channels like TLC and CBS. She even had the rare opportunity to perform for former U.S. President Bill Clinton and collaborate alongside Vincent Lyn and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. From there, she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, and she is now a Licensed Practical Nurse who focuses on Lyme disease research.

This “New Queen of the Fae’s” unmatched world-building and masterful Fae-origin retellings have led to an ever-growing queendom of “Fae-natics”.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

My books are just that- books, a form of escapism. I am honored every time someone reaches out and says they picked up my book. I think the art of storytelling is the oldest form of entertainment and I love that I get to be a part of that tradition. My books are high fantasy twisted with some dark humor, political intrigue and great fight scenes. They also aren’t long books. I did that on purpose, I don’t think reading should be chore. Sometime fantasy can be overwhelming with all the worldbuilding, magical systems and stuff, readers can run from it. Yes, there is worldbuilding, especially in book one but mine are not 400-page books they are gateway books into the fantasy genre if you haven’t read fantasy before. If you like it then you can read my books back-to-back for that binge feel. I also put two books out a year. So, no waiting years for my endings (George we are all looking at you… )

Book available in print, Kindle and Audiobook at, Target & Walmart.


Of Thieves and Shadows (Twisted Pages Book 4) by Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle – My Review

Title: Of Thieves and Shadows (Twisted Pages Book 4)

Author: Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle

Release Date: September 23rd 2022

Genre: Fairy Tale, Fantasy

A marriage that could save them both. A truth that might destroy them.

And a choice that will break her heart.

All Aika ever wanted was a family — until hers was standing on opposite ends of a war. Trapped between her loyalty to a monster and her love for a man who despises her, she must decide who she’s willing to lose.

And who she’s willing to betray.

Don’t miss this dark Cinderella retelling, where the stroke of midnight could mean the end of everything.

*The Twisted Pages Series wraps up Aika’s story in book four, but don’t worry, Zaina and Einar have their scenes as well! This series does need to be read in order, beginning with Of Thorns and Beauty.

**Content Warning**
Please be aware that this series is intended for adult readers.
Although there is no explicit language, violence, or sexual content, we do tackle dark themes, including history of child abuse and childhood sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, and torture.
While we make every effort to handle these situations in a delicate and non-graphic manner, our priority is and will always be the mental health of our readers.
So please mind your triggers and proceed with any necessary caution. ❤

Oh how I waited for this book! It did not disappoint!

You already know I’m a huge fan of this series. It picks up right where we left off. The danger, plotting, and secrecy leaped off the pages. SO much happens! My emotions were high. My heart was racing towards the end. I had to see it through even though I didn’t want the book to end. I tried reading slowly but when it comes to this series, I always fail. I can’t wait for the next book! I highly recommend this series! Skip adding it to your TBR and just one click them. You won’t be disappointed. Addicted but not disappointed. I give this 5 stars.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*


How to Date a Fury (Syn City Shifters Book 1) by Luna Joya – My Review

Title: How to Date a Fury (Syn City Shifters Book 1)

Author: Luna Joya

Release Date: September 22nd 2022

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Who knew dying would be the easy part of my day?

It all started the night Chase, my mountain lion shifter ex, reappeared. We’d had a whole good girl/bad boy romance going until he abandoned me a decade ago. I’d gone to Syn City for a little fun before being trapped in my hometown forever.

Then I was murdered by a maniac and my night really fell apart.

But somehow, Chase managed to strike a deal on a blood oath and bring me back as a Fury. He wants a second chance at romance, claiming we’re fated mates.

Now, I have to deal with the guy I thought I’d never see again, find and punish my murderer, and participate in a giant supernatural roller derby (long story)—all while trying to earn my wings.

And if I fail? I’ll end up dead. Again…only this time, it’ll be permanent.

All I can say is that it’s a good thing hell hath no fury like, well, an actual Fury.

How to Date a Fury, the first book in the Syn City Shifters Series, is a dark, sexy, paranormal romance featuring a reluctant Fury and the shifter who broke her heart but wants a shot at mending it. Happily ever after (and plenty of snarky fun) guaranteed. Perfect for fans of Linsey Hall, Jaymin Eve, and Amelia Hutchins.

Luna Joya is coming in hot with a brand new series!

How to Date a Fury exceeded all my expectations! A fantastic engaging story with some pretty unique characters. What’s a Luna Joya story without some heat? She definitely brought that and more!

A wonderful start to a series. I look forward to reading more! If you like fantasy romance with some heat, look no further. Go ahead and binge read this book! You deserve it. I give this 5 stars.

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Interview with an Author featuring K.D. Miller

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is K.D. Miller! Her book, Dark Burning: A Veracity of the Gods Novel released on November 23rd 2021.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed writing (English was always my favorite subject in school for as long as I can remember), but never ever thought I could ever write my own stories. About three years ago, a story popped in my head and just would not leave (like I was literally hearing dialogue in my head while I was trying to sleep every night), so I figured maybe if I wrote it down, that would be that and I could get a break from the constant nagging of these characters in my head. But then, I made the mistake of telling a couple of friends I was sort-of-kind-of writing a book—or something that might pass as an excuse for one—and they demanded to see it. They convinced me that it wasn’t complete garbage and that maybe other people would want to read it too and then it just snowballed from there.

What about the genre you currently write in, interests you most?

One of my (way too many) WIPs that has its hooks in me right now is an adult fantasy – think a bit like Harry Potter but for the grown-ups who like…ahem…grown up things. Fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres, no matter what type or what age. I think just the ability to completely escape the real world for a while and be fully immersed in something completely new and unknown and magical really draws me to fantasy over and over again. Writing wise, fantasy is so fun and interesting because there are no rules. Anything can happen, anything goes. There is so much freedom in it and you can really let your imagination run wild.

Haunted house or corn maze?

Haunted house!

Do you ever come up with anything so wild that you scare yourself, that leaves you wondering where that came from?

Oh yeah! In one of my series, the MC has an insane number of powers. Coming up with the variety of ways she could destroy people with said powers and actually writing the scenes down had me questioning the amount of horror movies and true crime shows I watch lol My best friend even commented on a particularly gruesome scene: “How in the hell did your brain come up with this? No, really, I’m concerned…JK (sort of…)”

Do you have a favorite character that you have written? If so who? And what makes them so special.

Ahhh this is so hard! I love them all in so many different ways, but one of my favorites is actually a side character from my first trilogy named Bryce. He is definitely not one of the good guys when we first meet him, but something about him just stuck with me and I ended up finding a place for him as the story went on and writing him became so fun. He is such a complicated character and I love exploring his history and seeing how things are never black and white. Things are messy and people are never just good or bad. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good redemption arc.

Do you ever research real events, legends, or myths to get ideas?

Definitely! I’m always looking into legends and myths for inspiration. I like to put my own spin on things, but I definitely go there for ideas and starting points, especially when I get stuck on the same old creatures you’ve read about a million times (looking at you, fae and vampires…though I do still love them dearly of course).

Do you look to your own phobias to find subject matter? Are your stories the products of nightmares, childhood experiences, fantasies?

There is always a lot of myself in everything I write (which I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not? lol), but I definitely transfer a lot of my own fears, experiences, etc. into my characters and they are jumping off points of story ideas for sure. Sometimes it’s a big thing, like a fundamental fear of not being good enough (did I mention that I have INSANELY BAD imposter syndrome? Send help…) that becomes a core element to a story and character, and sometimes it’s smaller things, like my fear of snakes or Mr. Clean (Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s dumb. Yes, it made it into one of my books).

Do you have any fun Halloween experiences you can share with us?

For my baby shower we actually did a Halloween costume party (my daughter was born in November, so we had the shower just before Halloween). I went as Juno and my husband was Bleeker from the movie Juno. We have a picture where we recreated the movie cover and, not to toot my own horn, but it’s pretty awesome!

What advice would you give to other authors?

I have no idea what I’m doing and am by no means anything close to an expert, but my biggest advice is just to write. There are so many extra things that go along with having a story to tell these days, but remember that telling the story is the most important part! You can’t do any of the other stuff until you do that, so focus on that first and foremost. Get that word vomit first draft down and then go back and start fine tuning and tweaking to make it something spectacular. After that, start thinking about all the other stuff. 

Also: grow thick skin, don’t take things personally, try to be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem, and lastly, hydrate.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

I act goofy and tough most of the time, but every time anyone reaches out to tell me they read and enjoyed one of my books my little black heart grows three sizes. It’s just like the Grinch over here, y’all. Seriously, it makes me so happy to hear from readers. So, if you ever read one of my books and are thinking about reaching out DO IT! Please! I love chatting with readers about books…or dogs…or tacos. Just about anything actually. So, come say hi!

Thank you K.D. Miller for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her book, Dark Burning today!


You know the story of Hades and Persephone…or do you?

Happily ever after had not been in the cards for Hades and his bride. Persephone, resentful of being trapped in the Underworld, betrayed Hades to his greatest enemy…and wound up murdered in the process. But an ancient prophecy foretold her return, and only then could Hades hope to finally win the war for the Underworld. He’s been patiently waiting for thousands of years, biding his time until her return, dying for the chance to defeat his foes at last…and get a little revenge on his former wife while he’s at it…

Now, he’s finally found her reincarnate in the stunning and deadly Skylar Pembroke. Highly trained, exceptionally stubborn, and oblivious to her past life, Skylar does not take well to being kidnapped by a God…no matter how brutally handsome he may be or how often she’s dreamt of him in the past. Determined to fight fate, Skylar will make life anything but easy for the God of the Underworld.

Now Hades must push aside thousands of years’ worth of anger, forget past wrongs, convince the femme fatale to marry him once more…and stop himself from falling for her all over again in the process…

What could possibly go wrong?

K.D. Miller is a paralegal from South Carolina who finally decided to put all the stories in her head down on paper. She is a self-proclaimed nerd, loves the beach, and truly believes most problems can be made better with tacos. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, and two crazy rescue dogs.

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Interview with an Author featuring Angelina J. Steffort

The Literary Vixen presents…

Welcoming back, Angelina J. Steffort! Her upcoming release, The Quarter Mage is set to release August 31st 2022.

How do you handle writer’s block?

Honestly, I rarely run into writer’s block. Usually my characters are quite chatty throughout the writing process. My life is determined by family life, so I have natural breaks during writing that allow me to come up with the next plot point or the next book idea. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by a team of wonderful creatives to bounce ideas off if needed. That helps in some of the cases when I reach a fork in the road and need to decide which way to go with a story.

What inspired you to write The Quarter Mage?

The idea for The Quarter Mage has been brewing for over 3 years. I commissioned the covers for the entire series in 2020, the map in 2021, and have been anxiously waiting to fill the world with life.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

I sincerely believe that there is no one right answer to this question. While craft is important, craft is nothing without the ability to create intriguing worlds and settings. Adorable characters are nothing without proper plot and clean prose. From a writing perspective, I can only say what I find most enjoyable, and that highly depends on the day and the mood. Sometimes I will obsess about grammar and sentence structures, on other days I will question every plot point and story line, and there will be days where I simply hang out with my characters and let them chat. So what is important depends on the phase in the process of creating a book. 

From a reader’s perspective, the characters are what hooks me first.

What comes first, the plot or characters?

In my books, usually the book title, then a premise. Once I have those, the characters spring to life on their own.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

In a lot of cases, I don’t have the characters ready when I write the first sentence. They simply awaken word by word. The same is true for the plot. As a pantser I write into the dark and follow where the characters lead. The Quarter Mage was the first book I had thoroughly plotted before starting. But it pantsed me from the first line—and the outcome is so much better than the intended version. I guess, I learned my lesson.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

The book titles are usually what comes first, long before I ever think up a character or a potential plot. Usually, they just pop up in my head while I’m trying to focus on finishing a book. I have a list of over forty titles that are waiting to be written.

Do you find it more challenging to write the first book in a series or to write the subsequent novels?

Over the past six years I’ve written twenty-three books in five different series, and I still can’t tell you what terrifies me more, a first in a series, the sequels, or finishing up the last in a series. Each has its perks and its daunting properties. The Quarter Mage as a first in a series was difficult for me, since it pantsed me from line one. Now I’m dreading what The Hour Mage and the other two in the series have in store for me.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

There’s so much I’m learning on a daily basis. What surprised me was that this is something I can see myself doing when I’m 92.

Describe your perfect book hero or heroine.

The best heroes or heroines are unexpected ones.

What advice would you give a new writer, someone just starting out?

Know your genre and what readers love. Don’t worry about a perfect first draft. You can do revisions later, and that’s why authors work with experienced editors. If you want to write a book—really write one and not just dream about it—sit down and write. It’s not going to write itself.


Thank you Angelina J. Steffort for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her upcoming release, The Quarter Mage today!


Perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.


A forgotten princess. A cruel realm. A Mage who might be her salvation.

Sanja is a princess on the run. And when she flees her father’s court to escape an arranged marriage to a tyrant, the one thing she doesn’t expect, is to be killed for her throne.

But magic that shouldn’t exist in her kingdom saves her, and Sanja is thrust into the daunting fairylands where, as a human, she’s prey…

Fighting to survive, Sanja signs herself into the service of the most powerful Mages in the fairylands, determined to master the magic to save her kingdom—and finds herself stuck with a brooding Mage with a knack for keeping secrets.

As Sanja’s feelings for Tristan turn from dread to attraction, she learns that she isn’t the only thing the fairies are after. And Sanja must risk her life and her heart, or she will lose both him and her kingdom forever.

Dive into Angelina J. Steffort’s latest heart-wrenching upper YA fantasy romance and find out what makes the world of The Quarter Mage so special.

“Chocolate fanatic, milk-foam enthusiast and huge friend of the southern sting-ray. Writing is an unexpected career-path for me.”

Angelina J. Steffort is an Austrian novelist, best known for her Wings series, a young adult paranormal romance series about the impossible love between a girl and an angel. The bestselling Wings series has been ranked among calibers such as the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, and Lauren Kate’s Fallen, and has been top listed among angel books for teens by bloggers and readers. Her young adult epic fantasy series Shattered Kingdom is already being compared to Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series by readers and fans. Angelina has multiple educational backgrounds including engineering, business, music, and acting, and lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband and her son.

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Interview with an Author featuring Evelyn Shine

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is Evelyn Shine! Her newest release, Dancing with the Moon: Vargree Shifters Book One released on March 23rd 2022.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m an author of fantasy romance writing under the pen name Evelyn Shine and I work as a private chef. When I’m not writing or cooking, I keep company with my three crazy Australian cattle dogs and my indulgent husband.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in fall 2019 after three months of insomnia. It began with fanfic to entertain my brain, then moved on to original works in winter 2020. A year later I had a dozen 80k word first drafts written, and at the urging of my bestie, I picked a few to polish up for publication. The other drafts are waiting patiently for rewrites.

Do you have a writing quirk or ritual?

My brain never stops. The plotlines to at least six new books are always percolating away. My ideas kick me awake around 4am every day. I make my cup of tea and curl up on the couch with my laptop to write for a few hours–or all day–depending on my schedule. On nice days, I sit outside in my hammock with my dogs to write. I’m very focused, but my thoughts are so loud when I’m working that I need absolute silence to write.

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Everywhere really. I’ve lived a really full life, so some of it is from experience. A great cover or a piece of art will spin an entire story in my head. An old Rumi poem I saw on Tumblr inspired Dancing With the Moon. The entire story downloaded into my brain and I started writing. That poem is at the beginning of the book.

Do you have a favorite character that you have written? If so, who? And what makes them so special?

I’m attached to all my characters so it’s hard to pick just one. I love really strong but flawed FMCs. Kiara is the star of Dancing with the Moon and was so fun to write. She struggles with her addiction to the venom in a vampire’s bite but still tries to hold her life together and be independent. I’m a big fan of the heroine rescuing herself, so women fighting to come out on top will always have a place in my heart.

How do you deal with emotional impact of a book (on yourself) as you are writing the story?

I love the highs and lows of writing a new story. It unfolds like a movie in my head and I try to type fast enough to keep up. My housekeeping and other mundane tasks wait until I hit the editing phase because everything else just gets forgotten. My wonderful husband is accustomed to this intensity, and usually makes sure I remember to do things like eat. He claims coffee is not a meal. He’s wrong, but I still love him.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Genre related covers have been my kryptonite and I’ve found the process frustrating. I’ve been reading for decades and have literally never picked a book for its cover. Usually when picking out a book, I’d open it to a random page and start reading. If I liked the writing style, I bought it. I had a rocky start with my first covers, but after swapping them, the series has done better.

When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

The overall story is already in my head, so each book takes the reader a step closer to the conclusion and reveals a little more of the overall plot. I never actually get “writer’s block” but if I get hung up on something I will go to the beginning of the story and start editing. Usually something will trigger a thought and I can move on again.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with me?

I just finished a “romancing the fairy tale villain” novella for an anthology that was super fun to write. I have a sensual retelling of the goddess Inanna that I’m working on for an anthology next spring.

My current big pet project is an epic fantasy why choose series. I’m 140k words into what will be a 4 or 5 books. The main character Skadi shows up in book 2 and 3 of my Dawnchild Series as the Queen of the Vargree wolf shifters. She appears again as a side character in book 1 and 2 of my Vargree series. She’s this fabulous archetypal badass queen with five mates. How could I not give her the rags to riches origin story she deserves? Currently, I plan to write the complete series then release a book every three months. With all the time it takes for beta reading, editing, and covers, I’m probably looking at a summer 2023 release for book 1.

What advice would you give to other authors?

Lift each other up and be kind. Everyone is made of stories and will tell theirs in their own way and time.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

I still don’t sleep much and I probably drink more coffee than I should. It’s an endless loop.

My worlds are rich and all the characters intertwine, so there are cameos and Easter eggs in every book for stories I have yet to publish. I love leaving little presents that someone can come back later to read and discover.


Thank you Evelyn Shine for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her newest release,  Dancing with the Moon today!


A singular moment could change centuries of hatred.

I can’t stop thinking about her. Kiara saved my life by giving me her blood. It tasted like every fond memory I’ve ever had. And now, no matter how much I’ve tried to stay away, I’m drawn even closer. As if all I’ve ever needed is her.

But she’s a Vargree. The wolf-shifters and my kind have been at war for centuries and my hands are stained with the blood of her people.

I should let her go. Especially now that she’s found a prospective mate with her pack. But seeing her with him only makes me strive to win her over, to show her that singular moment wasn’t enough for me.

Can my love for her end the wars between our kind?

Dancing with the Moon is an epic fantasy romance about family ties, forbidden love, and the secrets that could shatter them. It’s a spin-off novel from the Dawnchild series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

Evelyn Shine is the author of fantasy romance books for anyone that enjoys steamy myths and fantastical species mixed with their adventure filled love. No matter what stories she’s writing—vampires or shifters—they all share a common thread of love, heart, and action. When she isn’t writing, Evelyn enjoys playing with her three crazy Australian cattle dogs, riding her Vespa through the countryside, or spending time with her indulgent spouse.

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TikTok: @evelynshine_author
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