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Interview with an Author featuring Via Mari

The Literary Vixen presents…

Joining us today is Via Mari! Her upcoming release, Consigliere’s Revenge: Dark Mafia Romance (Sicilian Gods Book 3) releases on April 26th 2023.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello- I’m pleased to have a chance to get to know you and others a little bit better. My name is Via Mari. I write steamy billionaire, mafia, and bodyguard romance. When not writing I’m spending time with my husband and our two cocker spaniel puppies, Reggie and Roscoe.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

As a young child I used to write a lot. I was always reading a book while traveling with my parents. I actually wanted to be a journalist but ended up with a great career in the corporate world until I started writing again and was encouraged to publish.

What time of the day do you usually write?

I like to write late into the night, around 11 pm to 2 or 3 am. While that’s my favorite time, these days I find myself writing when my fingers just can’t stay away from the keyboard, too.

How much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing?

I have to admit, I’m half plotter and half prancer. The worlds are mostly in my mind, and develop as I go, although there is a main framework that I follow.

Which of your books were the most enjoyable to write?

The Brutal Kings series was my very first. It was enjoyable because it was so naughty and well just steamy… The Torzial Affair was fun because I really wanted Jenny to get the revenge she so desperately wanted. But, this last series? Sicilian Gods, now this is really fun because these men do not mess around! Sigh… This is a hard question. I loved writing every single word of all of them.

Where do you pull inspiration for your books?

Honestly, the characters. They really write their own story as we go. My stories are all in some way and shape connected so it’s exciting to see who I’m going to run into again from a previous or future book to be.

Do you hear from your readers much? What do they say?

I have readers from all walks of life. I have readers in my newsletters who email me on the regular, readers who post Tik Toks and talk about my books, I have some in my reader group who post pictures of what they want to see written. One of my special readers clearly wants me to write about cowboys. Most of my readers either email me or message I find which I really enjoy. They tell me when they finished a recent book, what they liked, what they found perplexing, who they would like me to write about next. Others, just reach out to send me a meme or gif to wish me a nice day. I love interacting with my readers especially when they tell me I kept them up all night long because they couldn’t put it done. That brings a devilish smile to my face.

Favorite book when you were a kid.

Each and every one of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys collection.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Honest, hard working and caring.

What advice would you give to other authors?

When I first started writing as an adult someone told me to “just keep writing.” I found that as I took that advice, my rhythm came, the voices started to get distinct and I learned a tremendous amount. That’s the same advice I would give. Read a lot in the particular genre that you wish to write and then just keep writing until your own distinct voice appears.

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books?

What is the one thing you want people to know about you and your books? That they are set in a world of billionaires, mafioso and bodyguards and each and every one of them has a happily ever after. Most of all, I loved writing each and every one of them for you.

Thank you Via Mari for chatting with me! I will include her information down below. Check out her upcoming release, Consigliere’s Revenge today!


A powerful mafioso with revenge on his mind. A reporter who needs to be controlled.
Will loyalty be stronger than his need to protect the woman who poses the gravest threat of all?

Everyone expects retaliation from the Larussio Crime Family after the brutal attack by our rivals and kidnapping of our innocent cousin.

The job for ensuring our retribution is well-thought-out, precise, and maintains our family’s position in the crime world falls to me, Lorenzo Larussio, Consigliere to the boss and underboss of our family.

My mind is absorbed with nothing but that…

Until the beautiful reporter who calls to my dark, sinister soul shows up at our casino, dressed to kill, leaving me unable to rid her from my mind.

Izzy Arden’s article hits a little too close home, and it’s up to me to ensure our secrets remain buried like those of our dead and not inked all over the world for everyone to see.

The fiery beauty is a force to be reckoned with, though, and not easily subdued. She fights for the truth no matter the danger, her emotional scars and mistrust pushing her to write about our most sacred traditions even knowing the threat it may bring.

Our enemies see her as a way to get to me. They shouldn’t have come for her, though, because now they’ll see why rumored in the back-alley streets of Italy they whisper Cosa Nostra with fear.

They will pay dearly for taking what does not belong to them, but will it cost me the one woman I’ve ever loved when she sees me for who I really am?

Consigliere’s Revenge is the explosive third book in the Sicilian Gods series by Via Mari. It is a deliciously dark, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, mafia romance. You will love these novels where the passion is fiery, the loyalty is fierce, and the stakes are high. Each book is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after.

Via Mari lives in the Midwest with her husband. As a child who was raised in both the United States and the United Kingdom, she spent countless hours traveling and developed a passion for the written word at a young age.

Her passions are writing steamy and suspenseful romance. She writes billionaire, mafia and bodyguard romance as Via and paranormal vampire romance under the pen name Sylvia Black.

She is an avid reader of romance. In fact, you can still find her curled up in an overstuffed chair, especially during winter when the wood fire is crackling and popping, reading a page-turning novel until the early hours of the morning.