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Foundations LLC will be donating 10% of sales from this book to Wounded Warrior. Grab your copy today and support a great cause!

Available now!

‘Accept the Broken Heart’ by Robin Leigh Anderson


Paperback & Hardcover Editions can be found here:

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‘What can be said of Hell, when at its most quiet, I was most terrified? The explosions that had rocked every fiber of my being and made my bones feel like they could simply shatter like tempered glass still resonated. I looked over at the wounded, wondering if I had the same haunted look in my eyes, and thought I probably did. In this war, no one leaves. No one goes home…

and everyone is a casualty of war.’

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**Accept The Broken Heart by Robin Leigh Anderson**

Accept The Broken Heart is now LIVE!!


The highly anticipated book from Robin Leigh Anderson is now available!

‘What can be said of Hell, when at its most quiet, I was most terrified? The explosions that had rocked every fiber of my being and made my bones feel like they could simply shatter like tempered glass still resonated. I looked over at the wounded, wondering if I had the same haunted look in my eyes, and thought I probably did. In this war, no one leaves. No one goes home…

and everyone is a casualty of war.’

#Heartfelt #PersonalJourney #war #AccepttheBrokenHeart #RobinLeighAnderson #FoundationsLLC #ComingSoon #MustRead

Available now!

‘Accept the Broken Heart’ by Robin Leigh Anderson

Paperback & Hardcover Editions can be found here:

Book Trailer

Join us as we celebrate the newest release from Robin Leigh Anderson, Accept The Broken Heart. There will be discussion of an era that shaped this country in ways both good and bad, The Vietnam War era. We will also have guests stopping by as well as a one on one with the author herself. Stop by and hear about her amazing book. Click the link below to join this event. You won’t want to miss this!

*Release Blitz for Naughty Little Gift by Angel Payne*

Naughty Little Gift RB Banner

Naughty Little Gift Cover


Make a wish…

Engineering genius. Billionaire icon. Consultant to kings. Golden-haired god. Cassian Court is a legend before he even steps foot on the remote island of Arcadia—but from the moment he locks eyes with Mishella Santelle, she can see only the man beneath the power, the presence, and the muscles…the bruised soul for whom hers has been destined…

But destiny isn’t a luxury for a woman of the Arcadian Court.

Close your eyes…

When six months of her life are bargained to Cassian in a multimillion dollar contract, Mishella must learn the rules of a more ruthless kingdom: New York City. In this glamorous jungle, paths are harder to discern, enemies are more cleverly camouflaged…and passions are impossible to ignore, especially when awakened by the man who can read her every desire with a glance, control her every arousal with a touch…

And leap…

Helpless against how her body and soul react to this man, Mishella dreads her heart is soon to follow—for the ghosts from Cassian’s past will never free him to return her love. In six months, she’ll simply be a memory to him…the naughty little toy he played with for a while…

Unless she can prove the impossible.

That their love is worth fighting for.


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Hi there. I’m Angel: book lover, writing addict, hopeless romantic, pop culture geek and avid shoe lover.

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A bit about me…

I’ve been hooked on books since I was a kid but it got worse in my twenties, when I discovered romances–the hotter, the better. Growing up in Southern California, with lots of surfer manliness surrounded me, was certainly a good boost for reading about delicious alpha guys and the women who adore them. When I learned I had a knack for telling these stories too, I guess you could say I was doomed–though my path toward romance novelist took a few detours via a concert-reviewing gig for my college newspaper (free show tickets…backstage passes…that was a no-brainer), artist interviews for a Beverly Hills dance music mag, personal assistant work for a record producer, dance club disc jockey, and a lot of fun in the hospitality industry.

These days, I still live in California, and have found an amazing alpha guy of my own who was brave enough to marry me. We live on a street that looks like Brigadoon, with our beautiful daughter. I have the best life ever, and never forget to thank the Big Guy Upstairs for it, either.




**Release Blitz for The Beauty Beneath by DC Renee**


Ugly. Freak. Fatty.  I had been called those things and more for as long as I could remember.  I didn’t mind it, though, because to the outside world, those words described me perfectly.  But it was all a charade, a façade to keep people away.  Never let anyone get too close.  It had worked for twelve years of my life, ever since I caused my father’s death.
And then Carter Anderson pushed his way into my world.  Gorgeous, of course, charming, naturally, and cocky, a given—he called himself my friend and broke through every one of my carefully constructed walls.
Cue the “happily ever after,” right?  Wrong.
This isn’t some fairy tale where the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan, and once the beauty beneath is revealed, all is right in the world.  This is real life.  When things seem too good to be true, it’s because they usually are.  And when people say your past will come back to bite you, they mean it.  And trust me, it does.



DC Renee has been writing all her life, from cheesy poems in elementary school
(i’ll share an example just so you know how cheesy: Flowers are my favorite
thing; they usually bloom during spring. Pink, blue, yellow and green, so many
colors that I have seen…etc.) to short stories and monologues, and eventually
fan fictions for Days of Our Lives.It was thanks to that superbly encouraging fan fiction community that DC found
the courage to publish her first book – Let Me Go. It held fast in the top 100
Best Selling Contemporary Romance Fiction Novels on Amazon for over a month,
going as low as the top 20’s. Naturally, she loves to read, but she also likes
watching hockey, dancing for fun, and loves her family.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 9.20.57 AM

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

This book is not what I expected. It was really good! The beginning was a little slow but once I got more into the story I was hooked and I couldn’t put it down.

Emerson is such a great character! She’s witty, smart, and even though she comes across strong, she has insecurities that she tries to deal with on her own. Then there’s Carter. He is a bit shallow but underneath that he has a good heart. Loved the banter between the two.

This book definitely gives you the feels. I laughed and cried. There was a twist that had my heart twisting and hurting for the characters. Damn you feels! This was the first book I read by this author and I plan on checking out other books by her. I give this 4 stars!

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**Release Blitz for Lies & Lullabies by Courtney Lane**

LLKindleLIES & LULLABIES by Courtney Lane
Genre: Dark Romance | Thriller

On the weekends, she’s Sugar, a woman free of the pretty prison constructed by her domineering father, who combs the dangerous streets in search of something she never quite finds. During the week, she’s Simone, the good girl and the illegitimate daughter of the most powerful and hated man in Los Angeles.

Catch—aptly named for his “career” choice—is a man shrouded in mystery with one dangerous purpose. After a whirlwind encounter, Catch draws Simone into his dark and tangled web.

A dangerous game ensues, lives are lost, truths are exposed, and one man may shatter the foundation of a powerful organization on the brink of extinction.

The game of truth or dare won’t end until Catch and Simone strip each other of their façades and uncover the reality of who they were, and who they are fated to become.




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has been creating her own little world since she was very young. When she was eight years old, she began to bring her worlds to life with a pen and paper.

While many of her works touch several different genres, she has an archetype when it comes to the female protagonists in her stories — they have to have certain brand of strength, be deeply flawed, and harbor layered personalities. In her books you will find themes that reflect the darker side of life with a tremendous amount of depth and complexity. She also has an affinity for characters that aren’t necessarily the girl or boy next door, or the people you’d encounter in everyday life. In other words, she prefers to explore characters who aren’t easy to fall in love with.

Currently, Courtney can be found either working on her next book, playing the latest role-playing game on her X-Box (preferably a game by Bioware), or spending time with her family.


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**Release Blitz for Delirium by Felicia Starr**

Breaking The Darkness 003 - Delirium - SmallWhile trapped in her dreams by Phaela’s sleep spell, Kasha’s friends search desperately for an antidote but soon realize it will not be so simple.

And they find themselves encountering perilous obstacles on their mission to rescue their beloved friend.

Kasha’s dreams will force her to confront her heart’s nemesis, and while she wants no part of Kaden, he could be her true salvation.

Kasha must be willing to sacrifice everything, even seducing her captor, who seeks the unthinkable from her.

Will her plan work, or will her friends find a way to break the sleep spell in time to save her?

About the Book


by Felicia Starr


Breaking the Darkness #3



Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Romance



Publication Date

July 25, 2016

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The Breaking The Darkness Series

Breaking the Darkness 001 - Taken For Sharing  Breaking the Darkness 001.5 - Marked For Sharing  Breaking the Darkness 002 - Betrayed For Sharing  Breaking The Darkness 003 - Delirium Small

About Felicia Starr

Felicia StarrFelicia Starr was born and raised in New Jersey. She has been an avid traveller starting at a young age taking magical adventures exploring scenic and historic sites across America with her grandparents. Lover of almost all things paranormal and science fiction.

Her days are spent counting down the minutes until her next cup of coffee, preferably with a caramel swirl, her nights are filled with reading and quiet meditations drawing inspirations for her stories. Reading for fun, writing for passion… always thinking and dreaming in scenes.

Author Links

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**Cover Reveal for Lost in Me Found in You by Ivy Love**


FotorCreatedLIMFIN Banner for Ivy

Lost In Me, Found In You

by Ivy Love

Cover Reveal

Erotic Romance


paperback image

Two best friends who are finding themselves.

Each of them struggling with demons from their past; working together to discover how to want to stay alive while full of pain; fighting to ensure their futures will finally become the happily-ever- after they’ve always dreamed of.


Isabella and Liz are best friends, each struggling, each with difficult decisions to make. One of them is dealing with an abusive husband, while the other relives the horrors of her past.

Isabella has a quiet strength lingering beneath the surface, she just needs someone to release it.

Isabella’s best friend, Liz, is wild, happy and carefree. She’s suffered in the past and now she’s looking out for her.

Two best friends who support each other until the very end. The decisions they make will have the power to impact now only their lives, but the lives of those around them.

Will they make it through with their hearts intact? Will they get their happily-ever- after?

Or, will they find themselves struggling to keep the life they know together?


“Hey, honey.” I say, tentatively approaching the couch. I can smell his drink from five feet away and he’s been drinking for a couple of hours now.

“Yeah, what do you want?” he asks, looking me up and down. “And why are you dressed like that?”

“What do you mean? I thought I looked cute.” I stutter.

“You look like a fucking slut. What do you want? I’m watching television.”

“I just wanted to remind you that I’m going out tonight. Remember, I’m going out with Liz to that club,” I say a bit softer.

“No, I don’t fucking remember. I would have remembered you telling me you’re going to a club. So how about you explain it to me again?” he asks, sitting up a bit, placing his glass on the table beside him.

I take a deep breath and try to remain calm, “Liz is part of a club and she invited me to come with her tonight. There isn’t a membership fee or anything, so I won’t have to pay because I’ll be going as her guest.”

“What type of club is it?” he asks, his voice growing louder.

“It’s a BDSM club,” I say in a wobbly voice.

“Let me get this straight.” He pauses. “You’re going out and asking my permission to fuck someone else!” he screams, lunging from the couch and grabbing my arm.

“Ouch, you’re hurting me! We have had this argument already!” I gasp, trying to pull my arm out of his grip. “No, I’m not going there to have sex. I’m only going with Liz because she wants company tonight. She doesn’t want to go alone because she’s hit her third month there. After you’ve been a member for three months you’re able to choose if you want to enter into a sexual partnership with someone. She’s nervous because she wants to move forward, but doesn’t trust her own judgment anymore. I’m not going to do anything. I would never do anything. You’re my husband and I love you more than anything, even when you’re being a total ass. You should know that by now.”

“Damn right you would never do anything. I think you’re lying about telling me. I would have remembered that shit, drunk or sober.” He snarls.

“Here’s the deal, you’re not going to let anyone fucking touch you; if you do I’ll know,” he growls, letting my arm go.

I rub my arm, knowing that by the end of the night I’ll have another bruise to try and hide.

He looks me up and down, “Go have fun with your friend at your whore house, looking like the slut you are.”

“I am not a slut, nor am I dressed like a slut and it is not a whore house. Who knows? You might like what happens when I come home.”

He laughs, “I haven’t touched you in months and you think that because you’re going to some club I’m going to want to touch you all of a sudden? You’re out of your fucking mind.”

I stand there with my hands clenched at my side.

“Just get out of here.”

“Okay, have a good night. I love you,” I lean in to give him a kiss and he grabs my arms, stopping me mid-way.

“Yeah, have a good time, see you later,” he says, resuming his spot on the couch.


About the Author

I live in the wonderful and naughty Sin City aka Las Vegas. I’m a paralegal by day and writer by night. Plus, I make time to play and hang out with my four, yes, four dogs.

When I was in grade school, I was your classic nerd. I spent more time reading books “above my grade level” and getting lost in them, than paying attention to the people around me. I loved the journey each book would take me on, I still do.

When I was thirteen I picked up a pencil and wrote my first hundred-page story. It was then I fell in love with writing. That moment I realized I could not only lose myself in books but in my own words and worlds.

I currently have several works in progress, but I’ve only recently begun to share my writing. Thanks to some serious encouragement from some amazing authors and friends, I’m taking the leap. So far, I’ve loved every step of my journey.

Whether you end up liking my work or not, I appreciate that you took the time to check out my work.

Follow Ivy Love

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**Blog Tour for Love in Rewind by Tali Alexander**

Love In Rewind Blog Tour.jpg



(Book I)


-Genre:  Adult Romance |New Adult Contemporary Fiction| Erotic Romance

-Brief description of book: 100K words. Book one of a three book series called: AUDIO FOOLS. This adult romance series follows the love lives of two best friends; Emily and Sara. Their road to love materializes and crumbles with the help of ‘80s music as the anthem to their existence. LOVE IN REWIND is an interconnected standalone.




AP new - synopsis.jpg


“When the fairytale ends, there’s only one way back…REWIND”

Emily has the life every woman dreams of.

        At 29, she has two beautiful kids, a live-in nanny, housekeeper, cook, and every imaginable luxury in the posh Upper East Side townhouse she shares with her drop-dead gorgeous husband, Louis Bruel. His company, Bruel Industries, owns a big chunk of New York City’s most sought-after real estate, and together Emily and Louis embody the perfect hot fairy tale couple for ten happy years of marriage.

        But when Louis mysteriously starts pushing Emily away, becoming distant and secretive, she is forced to search for the truth among the lies, scandal and heartbreak of his past that threaten to shatter her world. What she finds out will test the strength of her love and her vows to the man of her dreams.

        Can Emily and Louis rewind far enough back to a time when life was simpler and love was all they needed? Follow their story with the help of some of their favorite songs from the 80’s to discover just how deep and how far love will go.





AP new - buy the book.jpg


Available in paperback, E-book and Audiobook

Listen to the entire first chapter using this link:

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iBooks   Audible  Paperback  Google Play  Book Depository

iTunes Audiobook


AP new - excerpt.jpg


I’d always believed I wouldn’t be enough for “The” Louis Bruel. I remember Jenna telling me stories about Louis and his proclivities when she was trying to warn me off him. I was a little, stupid girl who fell in love with a fantasy. This day came ten years later than I’d initially anticipated. I am suddenly not Mrs. Emily Bruel, but once again, Emily Marcus. Out of high school, afraid of the future and wondering what life had in store for her. I am a nobody—a nobody and a fool.

        “Emmy, can we talk this out? You’re starting to scare me. Emmy, honey, say something!”

        “Jen, can you do me a favor?”

        “I would do anything for you, you know that. Just say the word.”

        “I need you to keep an eye on Rose and Eric for me.”

        My sister looks confused. She wasn’t expecting this.

        “You have a live-in nanny and a housekeeper. Why would I need to keep an eye on them?”

        I take in a breath that feels like fire mixed with acid going down my chest.

        “I’m going to go away for a little bit. I need to make sure you and Mom can be around for my babies while I’m gone. I need to know they’re getting love from family and not just the hired help.”

        “Emmy, where are you going? And what’s ‘away for a little bit’ mean? I don’t know what’s going on. This is not like you. Can’t you just go talk to Louis? Let’s call him now.”

        “Jenna, I didn’t tell you but we’ve been having some problems. It doesn’t affect you guys. I don’t want you to get involved. I know you care about him and he’s a big part of your business. What’s happening between us won’t affect any of that. I don’t know where I’m going or for how long yet. But I need to go. I have a lot on my mind. I need to try and make sense of my life. My world is about to change drastically. I need you to understand. Please make sure my kids are okay. Promise me?”

        “Emmy, I promise I will take care of your kids, but you need to work this out with Louis and not take off somewhere.”

        I nod, leave some money on the table, and walk out before I break down and die at The Plaza. In hindsight, my nightmare last night was just a pleasant interlude to the real nightmare that just manifested itself for me in full Technicolor.


I walk back to my so-called home in a haze. I don’t know how long it takes me to walk those few blocks to my house. Once I get to the front porch of my townhouse, I just stand there like a pedestrian admiring someone else’s beautiful real estate. I finally walk in. I go over to the playroom to see my blond-haired boy grin from ear to ear.

        “Mommy, look what I made. It’s a hand puppet. We used Daddy’s sock and macawoni for eyes.”

        “Eric, that’s very creative. Come here, my baby boy.”

        “Mommy, I’m not a baby. Wenée is a baby, I’m a man.”

        “Who told you you’re a man?”

        “Daddy said I’m a man.”

        I smile and the tears I’ve been holding back since I first saw Louis earlier come flowing down. Whatever happens to us, Louis Bruel loves his kids. He would never abandon them like he’s done to me.

        “Mommy don’t cwy. I can be your baby if you want.” I take Eric in my arms and inhale his delicious scent. “Don’t cwy Mommy,” my beautiful, sweet boy repeats into my neck as I hold him close. At this moment, I know that if eleven years ago, someone with a crystal ball had shown up and told me that Louis would break my heart and destroy me, I would still do it all over again. I would still fall for him and love him and marry him. Even knowing it would all end and hurt for the rest of my life. I would do it all over again, just to have my kids.

        “Where is Rose?” I ask Marni, the nanny.

        “Rosy is watching a movie in her room.”

        “Eric, Mommy is going on a trip tonight. I’ll be back soon. Promise Mommy you’ll be a good boy.”

        “Is Daddy going, too?”

        “No, baby, just Mommy. Aunt JenJen and Nana Adele will come see you every day. Daddy will be home with you, too.”

        That seems to make him happy. He smiles, showing off his cute little dimples. God, he’s beautiful, just like the man who made him.

        I go to see my daughter upstairs. I walk up the stairs feeling like a stranger in my own house.

        “Hi, Mama, I love camp so much better this year. Almost all the same kids as last year. I was picked first for the dance off group today. And do you know what Jake said to me at lunch today?”

        “What did he say?”

        Without missing a beat, she answers, “He said he wants to kiss me. Eewww, Mama, he is so gross. I would never kiss him.”

        “Good, no kissing boys.”

        Rose and Eric are both blond like me with different variations of my eye color. They have Louis’ features, though; hence, you can’t mistake who their father is.

        “Listen, my love, I wanted to talk to you about something. I’m going away for a little while. I don’t have all the details yet. I just know that it’s very important that I go. Aunt Jenna and Grandpa and Nana will all be here for you and Eric. Daddy will also be here.”

        Rose looks at me, seeing right through my pain. I’m afraid she sees how scared and lost I am. I try as hard as I can to channel all my bravery, to make us both believe that I am a strong woman and not a hot mess.

        “Mama, are you okay? Do you want me to come with you?”

        “Thank you, baby. I need you to be my big girl and help with Eric.”

        “Why isn’t Daddy coming with you? Are you mad at him?”

        “Baby, Daddy is very busy. I love you all more than anything and I will come back as soon as I can.”

        I hug and kiss my sweet little child. I remember me and Louis bringing her home from the hospital when she was just born, and here we are, discussing kissing boys, and Louis is leaving me for someone else.

If I could call Sara right now, I would say to her, “Simply Red, ‘Holding Back The Years,’” or maybe I’d say, “Cher, ‘If I Could Turn Back Time,’” or better yet, I wouldn’t say anything at all…


AP new -about the author.jpg


Tali Alexander is a Jill-of-all-trades—married mother of three, doctor of pharmacy by day and romance novelist by night. Tali has fulfilled her passion of writing with her debut romance novel LOVE IN REWIND (first book in the Audio Fools trilogy). Since its debut, fans have embraced the unconventional love story of Emily and Louis Bruel making LOVE IN REWIND #1 on Amazon Kindle charts (September 2014). With an increasing demand from her fan base for the next installment, Tali has recently released the next story in the Audio Fools trilogy…LIES IN REWIND, out now!!!

Tali’s fans will finally get their third and final book in the series titled, LOST IN REWIND, which is set to release on September 1st 2016.




Author GoodreadsAmazon Author Page











(Resplendence #1)


Bella J

is  FREE on Amazon!!!

~ Limited Time only ~


Juliette had never felt so torn in her life. Torn between two men.

The man she has loved almost her entire life, and her desire for a man she hardly knew.


She knew the difference between right and wrong. Wanting him was every kind of wrong imaginable, and no matter how hard she tried she could not justify her desire for him. So the answer was simple.


There was no doubt about what the right thing was for her to do. The only problem is, he’ s not letting her go that easily.



Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

Ruin - Free 2



With a move of his hand, he brushed over the swell of her breast. Both of them moaned at the same time as their need exploded to new dangerous, uncontrollable heights. His lips were moist and warm, and his kiss was hard and heady. It woke feelings inside her she never knew existed. It was carnal desire in its purest form, something she had never experienced before. The way he kissed her, the way he touched her, and the way she reciprocated with the same amount of heat. It was passionate, it was amorous, and it was…disastrous.

“Knox…” she managed to whisper while he continued to ravish the skin below her ear.

“Don’t,” he said breathlessly. “Don’t you dare fucking say it.” Kissing his way up her neck, he stopped, and his lips hovered over hers. The warmth of his breath moved across her lips, and she shivered.

“Don’t you dare tell me to stop, Duchess, because there is no way in hell I would be able to.”


Check out the rest of the series:


Resplendent Rush (Resplendence #2)


Amazon USA:

Amazon UK:




Resplendent Rage (Resplendence #3)

Amazon USA:

Amazon UK:



Ruin - Teaser 5

**Blog Tour for Roomie Wars by Kat T Masen**

Tour Banner

Roomie Wars

Title: Roomie Wars

Author: Kat T. Masen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 12




Turning thirty is overrated. Who said you had to be married with a fabulous career and three kids? I had a great life. Single, freedom to do whatever I please, and best of all, stay home on a Friday night in my sweats, eating pizza while listening to the best of the ’80s.

I’m fine.


When a woman says she’s fine, she’s not fine. Zoey had it all. Stunning looks, ambition, the whole package. Then he fucked her up. He broke her.

And now I’m left picking up the pieces…again.

Zoey Richards, strong-willed and driven, settled on the geeky struggling med student to share her apartment with, not the perfect-in-every-way stud who would just distract her and undoubtedly break her heart.

When her ex comes back into the picture, Zoey seeks revenge and enlists her roommate’s help. All Zoey and Drew need to do is pretend to be a couple for one night. But one night can change everything. Refusing to break their “roomie code,” and in an effort to deny their feelings for each other, a war erupts between Zoey and Drew.

She lives in the past; he, for the future. If opposites attract, will these two gamble their friendship for a chance at love?

Roomie Wars Teaser


“What’s wrong with being single? Sex isn’t everything,” I play it off. “Besides, lots of people masturbate and it’s perfectly healthy. In fact, studies have shown that people who masturbate daily have longer and happier lifespans than those that don’t.”

“Says the man who has a revolving door in his bedroom.” She rolls her eyes. “And you’re trying to sell masturbation to me over the touch of a man?”

“Yes.” I act confidently. “But it’s different for a male. The whole sex thing. It doesn’t matter how many women we sleep with.”

“No it’s not, Drew. Women equally have that urge. That need to get down and dirty as much as a man. It’s just not as widely accepted for women to feel that way without being called a tramp.”

“You don’t need a guy to validate yourself.” I sound like a fucking hypocrite, given that I was trying to push her onto Rob that day at the beach. But that was different. And it was before I thought I was going to lose her. Things have changed. Jesus fucking Christ, would you listen to yourself! What is all this ‘feelings’ bullshit going on in my head?!

Buy Links




About the Author


Born and bred in Sydney Australia, Kat T. Masen is a mother to three crazy boys and wife to one sane husband. Growing up in a generation where social media and fancy gadgets didn’t exist, she enjoyed reading from an early age and found herself immersed in these stories. After meeting friends on twitter who loved to read as much as she did, her passion to write began and the friendships continued on despite the distance. “I’m known to be crazy and humorous. Show me the most random picture of a dog in a wig and I’ll be laughing for days.”

Website * Facebook * Twitter

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 9.20.57 AM

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Roomie Wars by Kat T. Masen is a fun, emotional, and sexy read. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and omg!! LOVED it!! Loved it so hard. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I neglected all chores and duties while reading this book. Can’t blame a gal for finding a great read! Zoey, Zoey, my dear Zoey. What a character. I saw a lot of myself in Zoey. I related to her in so many ways. Oh and Drew? *le sigh* I couldn’t get him out of my head, I mean not that I wanted to because he’s hot. He has left an imprint on my heart. I can totally crush on a book guy right?

If you like funny and sexy romances, this book is for you! I can’t wait to read more from this author! I give this 5 stars!


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